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  • 7 years ago | Profiles

    Over the course of its existence, Black Mask has been a full band and had numerous MCs from across the nation pass through its ranks. The prolific hip-hop outfit has played shows on the Warped Tour and put out nearly two dozen releases -- all for ...

  • 7 years ago | Music News

    It's hard to articulate exactly what it is that makes a person charismatic, but it's obvious when someone has that subtle something that sets him or her apart. Black Mask's Aklock, who's captivating, plain and simple, is just such a person, and Bu...

  • 7 years ago | Music News

    With the influx of soulless rap overtaking the airwaves, it's no surprise that passionate MCs are answering back with deep, soulful interpretations that recall the genre's golden era. Made Up Minds' latest release, Of Sound Mind, is the perfect ex...

  • 7 years ago | Concerts

    Update 9/7/12: The b-boy battle has been canceled, and the schedule has been amended to accommodate. See most up-to-date lineup below. See also: The third annual Spirit of Hip-Hop celebrates the four elements and keeps the culture alive Original i...

  • 7 years ago | Concert Reviews

    See Also: - Spirit of Hip-Hop 2011 park jam - Spirit of Hip-Hop 2010 park jam The Spirit of Hip-Hop is about hip-hop, and it's about art, but it's mostly about community. Each summer, Hip-Hop Congress Denver puts together a park jam to celebrate t...

  • 7 years ago | Music News

    Saint Joe of T.M.E. understands how to put a worthwhile project together, as evidenced by the 22-track Mortuary Mixtape. But the title is a misnomer, as the project is entirely listenable, and proceeds from its sales are being donated to help figh...

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