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  • 5 years ago | Profiles

    Healing Power Skyrider hopes for salvation through music. D enver-based electronic-music producer Skyrider (aka Bud Berning) has a complex relationship with music. On one hand, it saved his life. When he was trapped in bed, recovering for a year a...

  • 5 years ago | Profiles

    DJCHAP is off to a good start. So far, he's earned the respect of one of his biggest musical influences, grown an online following from around the world, and just dropped an EP of fresh footwork tunes that has earned praise from influencers like X...

  • 5 years ago | Profiles

    Paul Banker, aka electronic-music producer Real Cosby, is a homeowner. Not because his occasional live show and handful of EPs have made him any real money, but because he has a full-time job and a family and all the responsibilities associated wi...

  • 5 years ago | Commentary

    When it comes to launching a new weekly event, conventional wisdom would argue that choosing Wednesdays -- a wasteland that is neither almost the weekend nor service industry reprieve -- for a late-night showcase of electronic music would be a ter...

  • 6 years ago | Commentary

    Starring an outraged Adele, an EU lawsuit and social media's tendency to distort information, the "YouTube vs. Independent Labels" fiasco that's played out over the past several weeks highlights most of what's wrong with the Internet these days. I...

  • 6 years ago | Music News

    The weed-laced sagacity of Whygee's delivery and Gypdahip's crisp, deep-crate samples are a natural pairing. Don't wander into their joint release, called Please Forgive Us, looking for Top 40. As WhyGyp, the duo juggles a sound that's both progre...

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