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The Saucy Noodle may be down -- this spring a fire gutted its storefront location along with the space next door, where the Noodle had just expanded -- but don't count it out yet. When owners Erin and Nathan Markham (who've been running the place since before Sam Badis, the original owner and Erin's dad, passed away four years ago) start sautéeing garlic again sometime around the end of the summer, it will go into the best red sauce in town, the same thick, sweet elixir the joint's been serving since it opened back in 1964. The best way to sample it is over a plate of homemade spaghetti noodles, with huge, tasty meatballs on the side; plenty of homemade Italian bread and a salad draped in a rich, creamy, herb-packed blue-cheese dressing complete the picture. That's as Italian as it gets.

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