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Made fresh daily on the premises, Richard Lee's noodles bear no resemblance to the dried stuff you find in a box. Mix them with Asian vegetables, the meat of your choice and, especially, the house-made killer paste of a hot sauce, and whatever ails you will become a distant memory.
Great moments in science: the discovery of penicillin; the cure for polio; and now, Dr. Ella Lindenbaum's research has yielded the Follicle Nutrient System (FNS). The natural, non-hormonal treatment increases hair thickness and strength. And while there's no truth to the story that Ozzy Osbourne was an early guinea pig, it is certain that the stuff has found a niche at hoity-toity stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Got $65? Get hairy.
Those who've been waxed by Mila never return to anyone else. "We call her the rock star," says her co-worker, Stephanie Martinez. "She sings, she hums; she actually enjoys what she's doing. On Valentine's Day, she'll do you heart-shaped. There's always something special with her." A seasoned aesthetician, Mila also does facials, but she's known for unparalleled attention to molten detail -- from an eyebrow arch to a full Brazilian. "Oh, she's done it all," Suzanne says. "She could tell you stories..." Rest easy, however -- she won't.

Best Place to Get Transported to a Caribbean Rainforest

Spa Universaire

For a quick jaunt to the rainforest or a soothing Oriental waterfall, book a massage at the swank Spa Universaire in the Golden Triangle. Their nine destination-themed rooms are spicier than standard spa fare, bringing the exotic to your afternoon. The Rocky Mountain Room comes complete with Native American music and peppermint and fir aromatherapy, while the Safari Room offers up Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the scents of frankincense and bergamot. All you have to do is decide whether to indulge in a facial, massage or body wrap. Tough choices.
This huge home-decor bazaar is a wonderful afternoon's ramble through a jungle of antiques and other cool stuff. No longer just a showcase for the antiques and antique-looking furniture created by Scott Soffa's SMS Studios and Mark Cameron's Ruins, the two-story Woodmen of the Word building now boasts sixty dealers who specialize in everything from rare collectibles to fanciful home accents. You're just as likely to trip over a rack of cozy robes sewn from vintage blankets as you are to find that gorgeous Louis IV reproduction chair that completes your collection. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a vintage umbrella to fend off the cold, wet weather.
Successful outdoor living is an art, and Silver Dollar has the proper accessories for the show. If it's an English lady's country cottage you desire, try the timeless cast-iron garden benches and lacy cast-aluminum tables and chairs. But if you're more Latin-inclined, Silver Dollar also stocks Mexican terra cotta and Talavera pottery. Choose from patina-finished weathervanes, rustic candle lanterns, iron trellises and sassy garden pigs. You know, all the necessities for when it's too hot do anything but lounge under a tree, sipping lemonade.
Backyard fountains are an apparently unfortunate business to be in during times of drought, but Jim Huddle of Paris Blue has weathered the storm -- or lack of it -- with aplomb. He carries a plethora of the sparkling jet d'eau, from Zen-inspired tabletop models to ostentatiously classical cherub-adorned ones resting on bubbly fish pedestals. Don't miss his zillion and one urns, trellises, colorful Mexican glassware and charming cast-iron garden ornaments to complete your Eden.
This tiny potting-shed of a shop caters to Golden Triangle condo dwellers whose plot of land consists mainly of a lanai. Sometimes two. So the colorful patio at Diane Stahl's Urban Roots displays dozens of planter-worthy herbs, annuals and vegetables, twining vines, rosebushes and perennials that will winter over in a balcony pot. Inside, you'll find a few well-chosen books, sturdy tools, seeds and bulbs, watering cans and other accessories designed to doll up small spaces. And she doles out some very sage watering and growing advice. May your porch flower over.
Timberline Gardens' co-owner and grower Kelly Grummons is a plantsman with an affinity for unique native plants, wildflowers and perennials. So while most nurseries stick to the standard bedding foliage, he's happily preparing drought-resistant gardens. The font of horticultural knowledge also lectures throughout the area and offers classes at his sixteen-acre greenhouse on everything from ornamental grasses to X-rated plants. For water-wise flora and coddle-free gardens, Grummons knows best.
In addition to this era's xeric concerns, many Colorado gardeners must endure the vagaries of microclimates and high altitude when planning their backyard Edens. It's not like everyone can go gather seeds from every alpine nook and cranny around the world in order to raise an interesting rock garden in town or biome-friendly patch higher up. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Rare Plants owners Rebecca Day-Skowron and Bob Skowron have done it for you. Their store abounds in non-invasive and beautiful alternatives for high-elevation gardeners who are weary of the same old petunias and marigolds.

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