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A self-professed professional "ladder monkey" who specializes in gutter cleaning, Lee Eldridge keeps his mind out of the gutter -- way out of the gutter. His business's name, Guttersnipe, is as charmingly highfalutin as his accent -- both reflecting Eldridge's English origins.

Best Business Name to Pronounce Carefully

Darque Tan

Lighten up, people! The first word in the name of tanning emporium Darque Tan is pronounced "dark."

Sorry to disappoint, but Denver Concrete Vibrator is not an industrial-strength adult toy store. No, as its website explains, since 1980 the company has been an "industry leader in sales and service" of "dependable flexible shaft, pneumatic, high cycle and external concrete vibrator tools." Hose us down now.
Does anyone really know what time it is? Not at the King Soopers in the Golden Triangle, which honors its very diverse, very motley crew of customers with a wall of clocks by the entrance showing the current time in cities around the world. The display would be more impressive, though, if the minute hands all matched.

Best Place for Sid and Nancy to Get a Haircut

Moxie Hair Co.

The only thing worse than a bad haircut is a boring haircut. If you long for the days when A Flock of Seagulls ran so far away and Billy Idol danced with himself, Moxie is your style. The salon decor is industrial hip, the music punk and the stylists multi-talented and multi-hued. Keep a kohl-lined eye out for the shop's benefit bashes, when the Moxie Squad features free snacks, live DJs, and gratis haircuts in exchange for donations to local charities. Just tell them Siouxsie Sioux sent you.
Practice makes perfect, in hairstyling as in life. At the Aveda Academy Salon and Spa, advanced students in the Pure Talent program hone the art of snipping and clipping before striking out as full-blown stylists. Legions of loyal, budget-minded clients know the Academy as the place to score a high-quality coif on the cheap: All Pure Talent students are licensed cosmetologists whose services run about a third of regular salon prices. Clients spend a bit more time in the chair, but every cut and color is supervised by an instructor. Plus, the Academy furnishes the creature comforts of any bona fide Aveda salon, from herbal tea to wine. That's a beauty of a deal.

At any hour of the day, you can get rubbed by somebody, somewhere, as long as you're willing to pay. The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado takes the financial sting out of massage by offering low-cost therapeutic services at its student clinic, an appealing, quiet complex on York Street. Students enrolled in the school's advanced-certification program offer deep tissue, Swedish and shiatsu full-body massages for just $25 an hour; more intensive services are also available. The clinic is not open every day, and the student therapists are often booked weeks in advance -- but it's well worth the wait.

Some Sundays scream to start off the week with full debauchery and drunkenness, while others need to commence in a more cleansed, restful manner. Try to schedule those around the third Sunday of every month, when the Lake Steam Baths open for a special ladies' night. Normally, the West Colfax Avenue institution is only available to the fairer sex on Mondays and Thursdays, but this year owner Amy Hyman finally gave the gals an extra day of pampering. So forget $2 drink specials or free draws, and instead sit and steam in the eucalyptus room or relax with a cheap massage. Bottoms up!

While A New Spirit Wellness Center and Spa has all the makings of a classically great day spa, owner Andrea Hawkins-Leigh offers some non-traditional joys as well. After an hour-long deep-tissue massage, relaxation hounds can get an osmosis detoxification foot bath, try the flotation tank, or experience a pedicure accompanied by sound and light relaxation glasses. So indulge, and try something daring. As Hawkins-Leigh likes to say as she's handing you a glass of wine, "One detoxes so one can retox!" Cin-cin.

Buddhists have a favorite joke about their practice: "I tried to meditate, and nothing happened." Truly, there's usually very little happening at Shambhala Mountain Center, a meditation and retreat center northwest of Fort Collins. Scattered around the boundless mountain encampment, groups gather in tents and study halls to tune out the world and tune into themselves. Advanced students of Shambhala Buddhism spend weeks at the center in silence. But it isn't an entirely wordless world: Beginning classes and seminars are available for those looking to learn about meditation, and guided tours of the grounds and the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, the largest Buddhist shrine in North America, are daily activities. Stay for an hour, a day or a weekend; for those seeking some quiet time, Shambhala is Om away from home.

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