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Last summer, Brigitte Dornbirer moved her savvy upscale kids' boutique from a southwest Denver warehouse to a more visible commercial space on South Broadway, and we've fallen in love all over again. Gone are the haphazard hours and obscure location, replaced by an adorable cornucopia of gently used clothes for kids at bargain prices, including such to-die-for brands as Oilily, April Cornell, Baby Lulu, Zutano and more. A sprouting success.
Every first Sunday at the Mercury Cafe, Denise Barnes hosts meetings for people who want to pray an alternative way. "Many religions today have kind of lost their passion," she explains. "Part of the idea is just to wake things up a little bit; God must be really bored, too. And one of the rules is 'Do not bore God.' So we're just doing our best to upgrade the spiritual software that probably expired about 500 years ago." Barnes and her Altar Egos take turns leading the meetings; you might meet Tina Tomasichio and her "Orgasms for Peace" plan, or try out the cleavage mudra for the Goddess. Give Peace Prayer a chance.
If you don't have time to attend church services, Kingdom of Glory Christian Center will make sure that God gets the message. It's installed a handy, drive-up prayer box in an old mailbox at the entry to the church parking lot just off Welton. From your hands to God's ears, this is guaranteed to go special delivery.
Did you ever wonder where Orthodox Jews get those black fedoras? Around these parts, they get them from Aharon's, and they aren't just any hats; they're Borsalinos, handmade of pure Belgian lapin-fur felt. That makes them some of the finest chapeaus in the universe -- as Boy George can attest. Aharon also carries beautiful woven kippot (skullcaps) imported from Israel and Russia, Judaic baseball caps for the trendy and an endless supply of ritual items, including prayer shawls, mezuzahs, Kiddush cups, candlesticks and even Hebrew wristwatches. Go forth.
Do you really want a wrestling match between Devil Girl and Captain America to forever ripple across your pecs? Getting rid of the mistake is a little easier since Ink-B-Gone opened its doors near Sixth and Broadway last year, offering state-of-the-art, scar-resistant laser removal services at fair prices. You'll thank them for saving your skin.
Tracy O'Shaughnessy and Carole Wilke saw how hard it was for a friend to stick to her stop-smoking vow, so the two local women created JuJuStx to provide a little incentive. The bamboo toothpicks are infused with the natural sweetener Xylitol and other energizing ingredients and come in four flavors: cinnamon, mint ice, licorice and clove. While the picks satisfy the oral cravings of would-be quitters, the JuJu Jewel quotes on the back of each JuJuStx offer more inspiration. And should they need still more positive reinforcement, the company's website includes testimonials from contented customers, as well as the mission of the JuJu Girls: to help a million people quit smoking by 2009. Stick with it!<
Modern men don't want their kissers to taste like a mango. It's supposed to be the women walking around half-naked smelling like a fruit bowl, like those Polynesian ladies in a Gauguin painting, right? But beer-flavored? Now that's a different thing entirely. Lyons brewer Oskar Blues offers the Old Chub Stick, a manly lip quencher with natural ingredients flavored by the company's own Scottish malt concoction. Pucker up and say "Slinte mhor!"
Face it: After years of scraping the hair off your mug with laser-sharpened Gillette Mach 3s, your skin is left with all the sensitivity of wallet leather. Daddy may have taught you how to shave, but unless he was a metrosexual daddy, he probably wasn't very versant in product. Supplement his training with a trip to Melt, where the staff will guide you through product and regimen with loving firmness. Keep in mind that this is a Denver-based manufacturer of cruelty-free skin-care products -- so the Smooth Obsession Skin Care Prep and Smooth Operator Shea-ving Butter will moisturize your face even as it greases the local economy.
Maintaining a career and balancing it with a personal life is a challenge for modern women. When you throw in the desire to look fabulous all the time, suddenly there aren't nearly enough hours in the day to research new beauty products or fashion and still fit in the all-important pedicures, manicures and massages. That's where CRAVE Parties come in: A smorgasbord of fashion shows, cocktails, live music, snacks, spa services and more, these soirees are a one-stop shop for the busy professional. Come find what you crave.
A grip-and-grin with Pam Grier. Valentine's night just for the girls. When it comes to putting together the hottest ladies-only parties in town, Hip Chicks Out is unrivaled. Get on the website's mailing list to find out what saucy events are coming up, then dress to impress and hit the town. You'll never even miss the boys.

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