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A dancing portrait of Bob Marley stares down from the Caribbean Marketplace, marking the spot where the streets of Jamaica meet the streets of Denver. Bob's smiling face and swinging dreadlocks welcome visitors to the tiny shop. Colfax is a concrete jungle, but it's nice to have a little Rasta watching over the strip.
In Hawaii, flower leis are used to celebrate everything from pre-school graduations to parole-board hearings. But while islanders can buy leis from the local Wal-Mart, here at 5,280 feet the fragrant tropical necklaces are hard to come by. So praise Pele for Little Grass Shack, which sells everything from fresh, single-strand leis and kukui-nut wristbands to Maile vine braids and the Christina Lei, composed of 1,000 tightly woven orchid petals. Maile Inagaki runs the company out of her home but delivers all over the metro area. Just say "Aloha!"
Heaven Sent Me is the de rigueur destination for Pride weekend, but it's also open year-round for all your GLBT needs. Owner George Blackert has assembled scads of multi-hued cards, gifts, magazines, bumperstickers, flags, clothing, jewelry and boy toys, all of which burst forth from every corner of the store. Just be sure to stop shopping long enough to pet George's sweet store puppies, Sasha and Talia. And if you live too far to take the Yellow Brick Road to South Broadway (or you're just a big pillow queen), Heaven Sent Me offers convenient online shopping at
Trooper groupies will love this place -- if they can find it, tucked inside the state patrol's training academy. The shop offers CSP-branded T-shirts, polos, fleeces, mugs, golf tees, stuffed bears -- even a miniature patrol car for Junior. Our personal favorite: the CSP dashboard notepad, suitable for writing down excuses while waiting for the officer to check your registration and write that speeding ticket.
At A++ Boutique de Force, six local fashion- and design-forward businesses join forces to present a powerhouse showroom on Belmar's artsy Block 7. Collectible sneakers rub shoelaces with vinyl toys, costume jewelry and mod tees while fine art and prints create a backdrop for trying on the best that Denver clothing designers have to offer. Give thanks to Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast, the Fabric Lab, Kundenkarte, Plastic Chapel and the 400 for bringing urban cool to the suburbs. A++!
When cute cooking couple Edward and Kristi Janos and their meat-cutting partner, Bill Roehl, moved their specialty grocery shop, Cook's Fresh, to the city, downtown denizens rejoiced. Loft dwellers no longer had to satisfy themselves with visiting the website,, or face trekking out to the Tech Center to enjoy the market's gourmet groceries and condiments, rich-and-flaky baked goods, made-to-order sandwiches or delicious soups and prepared dishes. For those foodies and newbies more skilled at takeout, the Janoses even offer classes on how to prepare such a plethora of goodness. Welcome home, Cook's Fresh Market.
Cali & Mo and Lilly Partain simply can't be mentioned separately. The sister stores, on the second level of the Pavilions, are the brainchildren of boutique entrepreneurs/friends Allison Leyn and Vicki Raichart, and both express a love of vintage -- but in different and equally charming ways. If Cali & Mo is a street girl, wrapped in her faintly upscale flea-market finds -- enameled tin sets, refurbished blazers, slinky new clothing, antiqued side tables, retro greeting cards and costume jewelry galore -- Lilly Partain is her Parisian cousin, flounced out in silky ruffles and flashing rhinestones and scented with hand-milled soaps. Old, new -- it's all mixed up between the two to create one wholly wonderful store.
When shoppers first began comparing Foley's apples to Macy's stars after Federated Department Stores rebranded its stores, there didn't seem to be much difference -- just new signs replacing old. But the slavering few who'd shopped a Macy's elsewhere knew to be patient. Their wait paid off: Macy's is better. It's trendier and less cluttered, blending in well with the existing stores and able to satisfy the middle-of-the-road Jones New York crowd as well as those looking for something a little more chic. Now, that's star power.

Best New Store on Broadway (Since March 2006)

Fancy Tiger

From the moment partners Matthew Brown and Jaime Jennings opened Fancy Tiger, its blend of DIY mentality and
hipster fashions meshed perfectly with the neighborhood and adjacent social centers hi-dive and Sputnik. And like a good bar, it has something for girls and guys alike: hip make-your-own kits, unisex saddle bags, jeans and street wear, knitting supplies, old buttons, open craft nights, sewing classes for men, deejaying classes for everyone and plenty of other busy-bee activities to keep the corner humming day and night. Plus, the blog at keeps a record of it all. Fancy Tiger, how did we ever live without you?

Best Store on Old South Gaylord Street


Pome has a little bit of everything and anything, all arranged to keep you oohing and aahing from the door to the back counter. There are even goodies to keep the kiddos looking and wishing while their moms are shopping. In fact, some of Kate Feinsod's best customers can't even see over the counter when they slap down a quarter for their penny candy. You'll find a great variety here, from an Italian accordion in a leather suitcase to an Herm?s 3000 cursive typewriter, or appliqud vinyl messenger bags by Queen Bee, beautiful necklaces hung with unique vintage findings by local jeweler Phyllis Quinn, a rainbow of ribbon sold by the yard, sweet tin toys and, in the summertime, even fresh fruit. Sweet.

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