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Best Wine List at a Restaurant Known for Beer

Euclid Hall

Denver's craft beer scene is officially on fire. Which means that wine lovers are liable to end up at more than a few dining destinations whose emphasis on malt-and-hops-based beverages does not portend a pleasurable evening of wine enjoyment. Thank Bacchus for Euclid Hall, that elusive venue that doesn't overlook guests who prefer vino just because beer is the star of its beverage program. In fact, if you didn't know better, Euclid's crazy-good wine list might make you wonder whether beer really is its bag. White wines run the gamut from albariño to Alsatian gewürztraminer (the ideal pour for those hand-cranked sausages); reds include everything from pinot noir to petit syrah. So the next time you find yourself barside at Euclid Hall, don't be surprised if those suds in your neighbor's bevvie are gracing a glass of bubbly.

Grillin' Wings & Things has really taken off since it opened last year; its wings soar above the rest. In one valiant sitting, you can stuff your face with traditional wings, deep-fried and hand-tossed in one of more than a dozen sauce offerings ranging from sweet to painfully hot, or wings that are char-grilled and liberally rubbed with spice mixtures. But we go hog-wild for the mini-, bone-in pork shank "wings," meaty little pig squealers that make us oink all the way home.

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