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Though Blow Pony events originated in the Pacific Northwest, this inclusive party made its way to Denver just in time for PrideFest. Denver DJ and event organizer L.A. Zwicky joined forces with Blow Pony co-founder and DJ Airick X to launch Blow Pony Denver, a safe, judgment-free space focused on creating parties for the radically minded. Elevating the art and people of the global queer community, this shindig goes bigger and brighter than your average dance party, with genre-bending performances by up-and-coming superstars. Blow Pony Denver has billed itself as the place for "bears, cubs, chubs, dykes, hawks, cocks, twinks, pillow biters, club kids, queens and you." So what are you waiting for?

For fifteen years, Felony Misdemeanor (aka Theariale St. Cyr) has been honing her craft as a drag performer; twelve of those years have been spent here in Denver, far from her El Paso roots. In that time, her Colorado legs have grown strong (and shapely), and she shines as the gold standard for what a queen should be. With hair, makeup, body, costumes and heels always on point, Felony is confident, humble, irreverent, hilarious, beautiful, sexy, professional and, most of all, never boring. Her name may sound like trouble, but she's a blessing in disguise for our drag community.

When you're a firecracker, you start with a spark and go off with a bang — and one cherry bomb in particular rolled onto the Denver drag scene this year: Jessica L'Whor. Busting in like a young Madonna Ciccone, Jessica made short work of a long year, putting in the time and effort — not to mention the blood, sweat and mascara smears — to leave just as big of an impression on our town as a certain Material Girl left on the '80s. There isn't a stage in Denver that Jessica hasn't placed a high heel on, so where does a fiery, fresh face go from here? The sky's the limit.

When Kai Lee Mykels took over as show director for the Sunday-night spot at Charlie's — where a few other legendary shows have lived over the years — she made it her own with some sweeping and positive changes. These included a new name, stylish curtains, a proper stage, better seating for the audience, and an intimate monthly twirl with some of the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race. Most important, Mykels, a self-described "good Christian woman," secured one of the best casts of Denver queens to hit a stage.

Seven years ago, the galaxy's greatest drag performer, Nina Flowers — fresh from her near-win on the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race — gathered the best drag talent in town for a little show called Drama Drag, which wasn't your average drag show. Over the years, the show morphed into Drag Nation, moving into the large side of Tracks in order to handle capacity crowds, adding the sweet backup moves of Denver Dance, and creating the country's best and largest landing strip for Drag Race royalty to make guest appearances. Drag Nation has become world-famous in its short life, but as Nina Flowers exclaims after each show, "This is the top of the nation!"

In the gay pantheon, the circuit party is legendary. A weeklong tribute to sweaty bodies writhing to the hot beat of a master DJ, this type of party has never been big in Denver, for some reason — until now. Enter Circuit Saturdays, a monthly tribute to the circuit events of yore featuring all of the touchstones: scorching world-class DJ? Check. Hot, shirtless bodies? Check. Fun themes that beg for attendees to dress up (or down)? Check. Beautiful drag hostesses to keep the party moving? Double-check! Plug into this circuit, hunties.

We're lucky to have a selection of gay bars in town for every taste and color of the rainbow, but when it comes to charm and chill, you owe yourself a visit to the R&R Lounge. The R&R's classic neon sign and rainbow-colored door have been lighting up the building at 4958 East Colfax since 1977. Barfly regulars are here to enjoy a drink, play darts, talk about the Broncos and, oh, yeah, cruise some dudes — or just relax within the gay community. Don't expect a rip-roaring good time as soon as you walk in the door, but come around enough and everyone just might start to know your name.

Readers' choice: Tracks

If we're counting, Blush & Blu is Denver's only lesbian bar, but the owners go out of their way to stress that that isn't the label they're clinging to. B&B welcomes everyone into the fold, and it does so by offering lots more than just a cold beer or a shot of whiskey. The whole Colfax community can join in for open-mike comedy nights, drag shows, art shows, yoga classes, karaoke, dancing, improv — you name it, B&B has it in spades. Go ahead and get your groove on, Stella.

Readers' choice: Blush & Blu
Molly Martin

Part of what makes a great jukebox is how it fits into and reflects its surroundings. At the decade-old Horseshoe Lounge — a retro and remarkably friendly hangout in Uptown outfitted with tufted vinyl bar seats and booths, a pool table and knickknacks from that '70s basement — the jukebox feels integral, as if this all-around-appealing bar would be a different space without it. Part of the reason is that staffers put their stamp on the vibe by inserting their own mixes into the disc-style jukebox; their homemade CDs — complete with photos to identify the source — offer an array of compelling compilations that include both local (King Rat, the Limbs, the Pitch Invasion) and national (you name it, it's there) acts. The jukebox holds 100 discs, but employees rotate them frequently, focusing on everything from old hip-hop to new country to good ol' rock and roll. Adding to the fun: While you listen to your songs (four for a dollar), you can play pinball on the AC/DC-themed machine.

Readers' choice: Sancho's Broken Arrow

No, Virginia, drag queens don't pop out of a cabbage patch ready to slay a runway on four-inch heels. Ultimate Queens are made the old-fashioned way: by battling it out in a fourteen-week competition, where the stakes are high and the drama can get as thick as an old tube of mascara. But over those weeks, audiences get to watch performers' transformation into the icons they've always dreamed of portraying — fierceness included.

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