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Ily and Iley opened in April 2015 in lower Highland, raising the bar for boutique shopping in Denver. Co-owners and stylists Ilyse Mark and Bailey Lemak began their business after running into each other in Miami and New York; luckily for us, they decided to settle in Denver. In addition to two floors full of fashion, Ily and Iley carries a unique range of specialty jewelry, accessories, plants and home decor, as well as a selection of vintage pieces handpicked by the owners. The result is a lifestyle store that reflects the pair's ongoing romance with modernity, bohemian flair and timeless style.

2525 15th St.

This sister act run by Laurel and Lindsey Tate has long been the reigning shoe palace on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall (it won our Best Store on the Pearl Street Mall award in 2009), but the feet of D-town's most discerning shoe freaks have been cheering loudly since the pair opened an outpost on South Gaylord Street last summer. Their secret? The Tates don't think high-end shoes in luscious colors with trendy styling should hurt. It takes a good eye — and a little science — to pick out a shoe that looks good and is good for you, too. Now Denver fashionistas have a go-to for that.

Candles for rituals, crystals and herbs for healing, tarot decks and astrology guidebooks — whatever you need to enhance your spiritual practice, Goddess Isis Books & Gifts has got it. Reiki masters and plant-medicine specialists feel at home in this metaphysical marketplace, but the average soul looking to explore the world of the divine can find tools and guidance at the all-inclusive magick shop, too. More than just a retail store for ceremonial goods, Goddess Isis is also a learning and event center. Take part in a Friday-night séance or introduce yourself to paganism through a Wicca 101 class. Whatever your field of sacred interest, this humble temple has a full calendar of events and educational opportunities to serve the community.

Anyone who's frequented the Tennyson Street retail district in Berkeley over the past ten or fifteen years knows that the strip has seen many changes. Several rounds ago, a boutique called Silvana L'Amour, a shop of global curiosities and girly things owned by worldly Denverite Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt graced Tennyson before disappearing along with so many other businesses that have come and gone from the street. But Vukadin-Hoitt hasn't given up: She recently returned to Tennyson with Silvana Mondo, an art gallery and home-decor display room that once again reflects her unique intercontinental view of arts and culture. It's the place to find killims and folk carvings, tribal jewelry and antique furniture from around the world — and, for a lark, a chance to have your future told in the patterns left in the bottom of a cup by Turkish coffee grounds, by appointment. Vukadin-Hoitt is a woman of great taste and many talents.

4420 Tennyson St.
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Dot by dot, Rachel Paton's tattoo art is a lesson in the beauty of patience. The hand-poke tattooer adheres her work to clients' bodies using the no-machine-necessary stick-and-poke process. Paton's black-ink-only illustrations are sharp and imbued with a sense of magic — celestial imagery, witchy symbolism and gothic and Western themes are prominent in her handiwork. The hand-poke artist's tattoos are 100 percent original: She collaborates with clients to build an idea, then goes to work creating a one-of-a-kind design in her style. Getting a tattoo from Rachel Paton means owning a piece of the Denver artist's work that will never be replicated. Fair warning: The shop is moving later this year, to an as-yet-undetermined location.

Even before a client sits down in a chair, a tattoo shop can make an impression with its name. Kitchen's Ink, a friendly shop on Santa Fe Drive, not only does excellent tattooing and piercing, but also displays art and offers other shopping opportunities. In fact, you'll find just about everything here but the kitchen sink.

Readers' choice: Think Tank

A classic name for a classy place: Perms may have gone out with the '80s, but Permanent Basis remains a fixture in this rapidly changing central Denver neighborhood.

700 E. 1st Ave.
Readers' choice: Big Hairy Monster

The new wave of beauty products is toxin-free, and former beauty-industry exec Kathryn Murray of the beauty boutique Aillea rode it right to 14th and Larimer in 2015, bringing a curated selection of all-natural, chemical-free cosmetics, cleansers, fragrances and creams that smell just as nice — if not nicer — than the old-fashioned, non-natural kind. The result of Murray's personal search for safer, kinder products in an industry overrun by unregulated and unhealthy secret formulas, Aillea gathers the best of her next-generation finds in one place to share with Denver faces.

1408 Larimer St.

Soapmaking is an art of beautiful alchemy in the hands of the Spinster Sisters — in reality not a pair of siblings, but just one woman, Kelly Perkins, who was determined to school herself in the basics of the craft in search of a better, more natural bar of soap. Over the years, her line has expanded to include dozens of variations on the basic tool of cleanliness, as well as lotions, shaving products, scrubs and other products — all made from simple, raw ingredients and conscientiously packaged — that have been available for years at selected shops across the nation and locally at artisan markets. Since last spring, the faithful also have been able to flock to the brick-and-mortar flagship, Spinster Sisters Microsoapery, in downtown Golden. Make the pilgrimage, and clean up your act.

Seven Sins Salon has made a name for itself in the metro area by offering free and discounted services to any bands playing here. Since it opened last October, Gwar, Velvet Acid Christ and Birthday Massacre have stopped at the Lakewood shop to have their hair and makeup done before their Denver shows, and the lineup continues to grow. Bands can sign autographs and take photos with fans, and the salon's owners have a bar full of Jägermeister and other spirits ready in case a party starts. Get your own 'do did at Seven Sins, and while the toner's setting, you just might end up throwing back a few with the boys in the band. The motto here says it all: "Beauty is only sin deep," which strikes a chord with anyone looking for a hard-core color job or cut that will turn heads on the stage or the dance floor. But anyone who dances to a different drum is welcome to take advantage of the salon's rock decor and friendly service. Rock on. 0x000A

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