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Bummed out by modern medicine? At Alchemy, you can travel back to the old, holistic ways of shamans and curanderas by attending ancestral medicine clinics, healing ceremonies and workshops, having your cards read or simply by shopping the crystals, teas and tarot decks on the shelves. Wellness was never so much fun. In a rut? Get in touch with your inner divine self at Alchemy.

Owner Michelle Castor conceived of Agua y Sangre as a woman-friendly purveyor of holistic practices, from the educated use of old-school herbal remedies to the healing power of body work or a good massage. If modern medicine's stock action plan of recommending mindless pill-popping without healthy results is getting you down, or even mad, there's no better way to get back to the earth, as far as your health care is concerned.

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Out in the new-Denver sticks of Brighton Boulevard, Aquarius Arts is divining millennial futures one story at time, with private Saturday readings by in-house tarot expert Jody Bouffard and a revolving roster of guest seers. And while you're there learning your fate, you can also pick up your own deck, along with the usual accoutrements: mystical rocks, incense and inspirational artwork from another realm. Make an appointment and see for yourself.

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Whether you're a first-time seeker of astrological readings or a seasoned pro regarding your birth sign, Leah Samuels has something to share with you. As Moonlight Offerings, the accomplished astrologer sees the zodiac through a lunar lens, digging deep into her visitors' charts and interpreting planetary alignments and stars' positions at the moment of birth. Gain insight into relationships, have career questions answered, and see personal issues resolved via Samuels's gentle but powerful look at what lies ahead. Samuels also offers seasonal astrology classes for individuals and groups. She's available for personal readings by appointment and makes monthly scheduled appearances at metaphysical shop Ritualcravt, 2842 West 44th Avenue.

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As Muse Medicina, Eutimia Cruz Montoya believes in healing the whole body holistically. The descendant of mestizo curanderos (spiritual healers), her approach to natural and spiritual medicine is rooted in a familial and ancestral practice. The herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, body- and energy-work specialist and trained massage therapist also holds a master's in Oriental medicine and has logged hundreds of hours of yoga training. The Xicana health practitioner is a cross-community healer, an Italian, French and Spanish speaker who makes house calls when not taking appointments at her home.

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There's no guidebook to starting and running a successful business, so Tran Wills and Ali Elman, co-owners of the Base Coat Nail Salon empire, created Bad News Babes Social Club, a place for ladies to crowdsource knowledge. Several times a year, Wills and Elman invite women business owners with a Colorado connection to speak and enjoy drinks with a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs. Dispensing financial advice, sharing secrets to a work-life balance and being honest about sales-floor triumphs and total failures is what this gathering is all about. Bad News Babes Social Club creates an atmosphere of trust, encouraging would-be executives in the audience to ask tough questions and giving successful women a chance to share personal stories of surviving and thriving in a free (and mostly male) market.

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Facial hair is back in a big way, and like it or not, it seems like a holding trend. So you might as well take care of it in the best way possible. Frank's is more than a barber shop; it's a spa break for men, where things are done the old-fashioned way, with straight razors and hot towels, even if it's your scalp that's being shaved. But you can also get a full-service head massage there, a man facial, a brow waxing or a shoe shine. In an age when it's okay for men to have feelings, it's also all right to be pampered, dudes. Sit back and relax.

Mooi Studio owners Raquel Turner and Ahmana Aryan independently made their names as top Denver makeup artists, working the city's wedding and party crowds for many seasons before opening a permanent salon space on West 29th Avenue. There they offer a suite of beauty services, from makeup application to brow waxing and eyelash lifts, making Mooi an easy choice for pre-event pampering and regular maintenance. Facials fall in the latter category: Choose from a range of services that focus on things like acne reduction, hydration, anti-aging and skin plumping. We favor the Chocolate Champagne treatment, a series of masks and washes (some of which are infused with cocoa and smell so good, you'll want to eat them) that leave the skin glowing and nourished.

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It isn't hard to find lovely photos of Denver. But have you ever noticed that they're always taken from the same spots? Justin Alber has a knack for photographing the Mile High City in unexpected, transformative ways. Black-and-white shots of downtown buildings almost look like Chicago. Faraway photos make the skyline look nearly recognizable, but in a beautiful way. Alber's unique eye for angles, colors and textures makes him the finest 'grammer in all the land.


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Denver's arts community is nothing if not eclectic, and Denver Orbit perfectly reflects the variety of creators who call the Mile High City home. Co-hosts Ryan Connell and Josh Mattison (who also acts as producer) are legitimate tastemakers, and their interests range far and wide, as indicated by the lineup of one recent episode: "Consent Means What Now?," a story by Amanda EK, "Hey Man," a song by Chella and the Charm, and "Defining Forward Momentum," a poem by Alessandra Ragusin. The programs consistently introduce listeners to the sort of folks who make Denver a richer and more vibrant place to live.

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