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Best Selection of Concentrates at a Dispensary

The Clinic

If you can look past the top-notch flower menu at the Clinic's four dispensaries in Denver (and that won't be easy), check out their hash selections. The Clinic's in-house extraction brand, the Lab, pumps out a long list of budders, shatters and live extracts from the strain list, and the stores will usually have a couple on sale to help your budget. You can also find concentrates from heavyweights such as Binske, Green Dot Labs, Harmony Extracts, Olio, Viola and Woodstock Cannabis Company, as well as one of the largest selections of PAX pods in Colorado.

Readers' Choice: Diego Pellicer

Scott Lentz

Ask industry folk where they like to buy their buds, and many of them will tell you to hit up Denver Recreational Dispensary. Don't let the search-engine-inspired name fool you: Den-Rec's growing staff has been setting standards and winning cannabis cups for their work with Cookies- and OG-heavy strains. Den-Rec's stores carry those popular cuts, as well as several of our favorites, like Bruce Banner, Cherry Diesel and LA Confidential. Visit in a decisive state of mind, and don't let that cartoon aroma finger-pull you in for too long, or you might be stuck there forever.

Readers' Choice: Diego Pellicer

Kudos to Pig 'N' Whistle for keeping the name that once graced boxer Eddie Bohn's motel/restaurant on the Fabulous 40 strip.

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