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Do you love art? Do you really love weed? Artist Don Varga and life partner Tootie bring the two together with folk-art pieces made with real weed (pressed marijuana leaves and flower) and "real love" on beetle-kill pine, augmented by paint and varnish. They have several in-stock pieces that would make perfect gifts for all your friends who wish they lived in Colorado (and are easier to ship across state lines), but they'll also make art to order. Look for them in Civic Center Park on 4/20.

Nicotine vapes are smokin' hot right now. While many people are familiar with the compact Juul device, serious vapers are all about the colossus of cloud. For those ready to master vape tricks and become a walking fog machine, Denver Vapor hits the spot. Staffers are experts on matching the right vape and nicotine level, and can describe the delights of a huge selection of e-liquid flavors, everything from guava cheesecake to a combo of apple, doughnut and milk. The hours are expansive, the products not that expensive. Puff, puff, pass.

Jacqueline Collins

Stereotypes be damned: Stoners are smart as hell. For proof, look no further than the CannaCoding events at the Coffee Joint, the first (and currently only) licensed social cannabis consumption spot in Denver. Jamison Ordway designed these gatherings for tech folks who are making big moves in the cannabis industry. Events have focused on topics ranging from coding and compliance to creating dispensary menus using HTML and CSS, and industry professionals are always on hand to answer your questions. Best of all, you can rip a bong or dab rig before and after the sessions, often with the same professionals you're hoping to get hired by in the future.

There are a lot of snake-oil salesmen and shysters out there hawking CBD products containing who-knows-what, but Sparkling CBD — launched by the people behind Rocky Mountain Soda Company — comes from a brand you can trust. Made with lab-tested hemp extract to ensure no THC, and sweetened with agave nectar, Sparkling CBD drinks taste just like colas, root beers and fruit sodas...because that's what they are; the company just figured out how to add CBD without changing the taste. Soda fountain flavors? Check. Satisfying carbonation burn? Check. Twenty milligrams of full-spectrum CBD? Bring it.

Readers' Choice: Panacea Life Sciences

Whether you miss the classic music festival or are just a Peanuts fan, taking a dab from the Woodstock Cannabis Company collection of concentrates will undoubtedly take you on a cannabinoid-fueled trip of nostalgia and ungodly grubbing. Teaming up with Michael Lange, co-creator of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, Colorado-based Harmony Extracts has released a branch of modern concentrates using classic genetics from Citral and Diesel strains. Dabbing award-winning live resin and THC crystalline never felt so old-school.

Readers' Choice: Dablogic

Lindsey Bartlett

L'Eagle has always been a dispensary known more for quality than quantity, but lately the Denver pot shop has been throwing out some serious deals for tokers who appreciate clean, terpene-heavy cannabis. How serious? Flash deals for $10 eighths of Frosty Lemonade, Sour Pez and other select delicacies are starting to become regular offerings at L'Eagle; they would have been unheard of eighteen months ago. And if those aren't good enough, the store also sells quarters of its pride-and-joy sativa, L'Eagle Eagle, for as low as $25 from time to time.

Readers' Choice: Lightshade

Scott Lentz

Cannabis is all about what our nose and tastebuds tell us, and the nugs at Verde Natural are grown to please both. Pulling the "cheese" out of UK Cheese and the "lemon" out of Super Lemon Haze as few others do, Verde carries a lineup of classic and modern strains that carry intense flavor profiles. Bubble Jack, Citrus Berry and Hazelnut Cream aren't breakfast cereals; they're strains that taste exactly as their names imply. With a brand-new greenhouse operation ready for its first harvest this year, we're excited to see what the Verde crew has in store for the rest of 2019.

Readers' Choice: Verde Natural

Scott Lentz

Instead of trying to push its own edibles brand or entrusting the owner's buddy to handle growing operations, Bgood decided to be more of a cannabis purveyor, like a liquor store. The dispensary hired Top Dawg and Lama Brand, two different sets of growers and breeders with established followings, to head Bgood cultivations so that the brand can focus on the retail aspects of legal cannabis. The result is a wide (but not overwhelming) selection of pot products that are priced and organized so cleanly that future governor Jared Polis toured Bgood's flagship Northglenn location while campaigning last year. If it's good enough for the Guv, it's good enough for Grandma.

Readers' Choice: Diego Pellicer

Courtesy House of Dankness Colorado Facebook page

Anyone who's spent more than a few months buying weed in Denver will eventually hear about House of Dankness, where you might trip over $15 eighths, $10 grams of shatter and $12.50 distillate cartridges. Those crazy deals extend to ounces, live concentrates and edibles, but this isn't the only dispensary with discounts. No, what makes Casa de Dankness such a welcome home for stoners is the fire genetics, which can include anything from Flo OG to Purple Hash Plant to Cornbread — or, if you're lucky, even Ghost Train Haze, an original House of Dankness creation. So make the pilgrimage, already.

Readers' Choice: The Joint by Cannabis

Forgive us for picking another boring ol' baked-goods brand, but sweets are the focus of dispensary edibles lineups for a reason: They're the best option for infusion. Sure, you can shell out a few hundred bucks for a delicious cannabis dinner, but when you need something to eat from the pot shop like a regular human, it's tough to beat Dutch Girl Stroopwafels. These takes on the classic Dutch cookies come in original caramel, lemon and strawberry flavors, all of which are dangerously delicious at 10 milligrams of THC per serving. Enjoy with coffee in the morning, or under a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Just don't overdo it, or you might find yourself flashing back to weird times in Amsterdam coffee shops.

Readers' Choice: Keef Cola

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