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Edible testing laws still prohibit a true cannabis bakery, where the goodies are made and sold fresh every day, from opening in Colorado, but Jade and Jane's Bakery hits all the after-school snack notes and then some. The six different brownie flavors, four different gummies, four different cookie sandwiches and four different cupcakes all slap, but it's the pound cakes and mug-cake mix that keep our sweet tooths jonesing. Lemon-honey and strawberry-vanilla pound cake bites are our dangerously delicious favorites, with 10 milligrams of THC per piece, and the mug-cake mix is a fun purchase for anyone looking for a bigger kick — just mix in a tablespoon of cannabutter or oil before putting it in the microwave.

We still can't order weed-infused dishes at Denver restaurants, but munchies-inspired menu items hit harder, anyway. Wild Corgi's stoner boxes, $20 combos designed exclusively for delivery and takeout, go straight for deep-fried nostalgia, packing boxes with carnival favorites such as chicken wings, sliders, mozzarella sticks and cheese curds, as well as desserts like fried Oreos, Cosmic Brownies, churros and tons of other sweet, crunchy delights. Wash down every order with the Capri-Sun and Hi-C juice boxes included in the stoner packs, which are named after the Corgi staff's favorite weed strains, and get lost in the childhood lunchbox you always wanted.

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