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Tom Green is so well known for his dry sense of humor that his journalistic skills can sometimes be overlooked. But his live coverage of the mass shooting at the Boulder King Soopers in late March was a model of the form. Unlike some of his competitors, who strayed into problematic speculation while filling time between new revelations, Green held steady, exuding compassion and concern while still dispensing hard truths. The ability to maintain emotional equilibrium at moments of high tension is rare, but Green has it to spare.

Longtime Coloradans have a very low tolerance for forecasters who portray every snow event as a potential life-threatening blizzard and seem to seek out any excuse to drop phrases such as "bomb cyclone" into their conversation whether they're relevant or not. So praise be to Matt Makens, whose appearances on Channel 2 are marked by a low-key delivery that lets the facts of the day speak for themselves. And because he's a local product (he grew up outside of Castle Rock), he has enough experience with the vagaries of Colorado weather to know the difference between a legitimate thunderstorm and a passing cloud.

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