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Is bowling a sport or a game? If you ask the Dude or Walter Sobchak, they'd set you straight, but if your goal is just to have fun playing games while keeping an eye on the local sports scores, Crown Lanes has just what you need. League play is the best way to get in during prime hours, but call ahead for reservations if you and your pals just want to throw a few frames. You'll find good Denver-style grub (including spicy, savory cannoli!), cheap drinks, pool and video games, and enough TVs to keep up with the pro action. As Walter says: "Fuck it, Dude. let's go bowling."

The burgers and other bar bites are so good at Highland Tap & Burger — the first in the Tap & Burger group that has now spread to Sloan's Lake and Belleview Station — that most of us don't even look up from our food long enough to realize that, hey, this is a pretty damn good sports bar, too! But between nibbles of wings, scoops of extra-cheesy mac and cheese, and mouthfuls of the Shroom Luva's burger (our favorite), you and your friends just might realize that you're surrounded by well-placed TVs tuned into the best sports action during any given season. You don't have to be a Broncos fan, either; just don't badmouth the New England Patriots too much or you might find co-founder (and Tom Brady diehard) Juan Padró breathing down your neck.

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