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Evan Semón

The long-anticipated Meow Wolf launched in Denver last September, opening the doors to its lore-filled Convergence Station. The space is a psychedelic playground, with multiple "universes" to explore that are brimming with detailed, stunning, interactive works made by both local and national artists. Pair those with the hilarious walking characters that Meow Wolf has meandering throughout the rooms, such as Sid the Psychic (as at a Renaissance fair, they always stay in character), and you've got a full-on trippy experience awaiting you. Meow Wolf has also started offering adult-only nights, in case you'd like to avoid both energetic kids and crying toddlers.

When you enter the icy, cavernous world of Eemia, you'll see two throne-like structures in the shape of robots. Not only can you pose for pics there, but you'll be given access to an array of controls, knobs and handles that if maneuvered a certain way create a wormhole vortex in the normally star-filled sky above. At Convergence Station, the sky is never the limit.

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