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Courtesy Sol Tribe Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing Facebook page

If you've spotted people around town with piercings in unique patterns with gorgeous jewelry, chances are good they were done by Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing's Casey Dilla Hosch (see for yourself on Instagram @casey.hosch.piercing). Under the mentorship of the late Alicia Cardenas, Dilla Hosch became one of those artists for whom you're willing to wait to get an appointment. In the wake of the tragedy that took the lives of Cardenas and her friend and colleague team member Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, Dilla Hosch has carried those lessons forward, stepping fully into the leadership role at this beloved shop. With Dilla Hosch at the helm, the incredible team of Sol Tribe artists continue to create a sacred, inclusive and intersectional space for the people they pierce and tattoo.

Dana Novara is a veterinarian who cares deeply about the animals and the humans she serves, and she and her team have created a veterinary clinic unlike any we've seen before. From an underwater treadmill (check Urban Paw's Instagram for pics of dogs in mermaid life jackets) to rehab on Bosu balls to temperature-controlled glass kennels, your pet will be treated to care that many humans only hope for. Novara has a strong commitment to community, works to achieve more sustainable practices in an industry that creates a lot of waste, and visits classrooms around Colorado, inspiring future veterinarians and animal advocates alike.

If you follow Jennifer Forman on social media, you've seen some hilarious videos of her adventures in grooming seriously grumpy-ass little dogs who are less than thrilled to be getting a haircut. All the while, the super-cool, tattooed, roller skating-loving human holding the scissors is laughing herself silly and giving them kisses, while viewers collectively hold their breath. With a brand-new location, this is the spot to take your reluctant fur baby; Forman will make the outside show what a sweetheart your pet is inside.

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