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Dutch treats are hard to find in Denver bakeries, but they've become staples in dispensaries thanks to CannaPunch's Dutch Girl Stroopwafels. A popular snack in the Netherlands made from two thin disks of baked dough with a sweet filling in the middle, stroopwafels work in the morning placed over a hot cup of coffee, and at night under a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The brand's caramel, chocolate, lemon and strawberry varieties, each infused with 10 milligrams of THC per stroopwafel, are all award-worthy, but the blueberry-inspired Moonberry flavor takes the top spot, thanks to 10 milligrams of CBD, CBG, CBN and THC packed into each treat. Just as tasty as its peers, the Moonberry wafels come with a four-cannabinoid punch made to put you in bed and keep you there. Can confirm.

Colorado cannabis prices have never been lower, but inflation is still cutting into weed budgets across the state. Recognizing the need for something simple and cheap, 1906 released Bump Drops last summer. A big step away from 1906's other products, which contain ingredients such as ashwagandha and caffeine for intended effects like relaxation and energy, Bump Drops are essentially refined THC distillate in pill form, so there are no calories or sugar attached. Bump Drops are made with 2.5 milligrams of THC, a standard amount for microdosing, and are available in packs of two and twenty for less than $2 and $10, respectively. That's one cheap microdose, and an easy bump to keep that edibles high going.

Ever want to feel an edibles high, but without eating or drinking? Ripple's Live Rosin Quicksticks get the job done swiftly, with no witnesses and limited ingestion. Similar to Pixy Stix, Quicksticks are small packets of sugary powder that you place on top of your tongue, but with 10 milligrams of THC that was infused with a fast-absorption formula. Unlike previous renditions of Quicksticks, however, the Live Rosin version is made with solventless extract and cannabis terpenes from Nokhu Labs and carries a little more pop than edibles made with distillate. Low tolerances don't even need to use a full packet, but a few extra Quicksticks go down easily if more is needed. Just rip, pour and swallow; it's on you if anyone catches it.

Cannabis growers are infatuated with strains named after candy, but if you want the realest intersection of candy and cannabis, then look no further than Joyibles. Relatively new to Colorado's edibles scene, Joyibles has come out with back-to-back hits in JoyGum, a unique line of THC-infused chewing gum, and Skittles-inspired Joy Bombs. Both are delicious and don't deviate far from their sugary inspirations, with Joy Bombs even coming in original, sour and tropical flavors reminiscent of the rainbow. Each piece of gum or candy has varying THC and CBD content, so they're easy to microdose — or mow down, if you're looking for a heavier hit. Just be sure to keep count of how many you eat during a movie, or you'll be glued to the chair by the time the end credits roll.

We don't have much patience for influencers who hawk only the latest pre-roll or promo code. Luckily for us, Dave is here, man. A grower with over 25 years of experience, MileHighDave has been pheno-hunting since 2020 for the best genetics he can find in an effort to launch his own breeding company. To our further benefit, Dave has been documenting his journey on Instagram as he grows and grades different phenotypes of colorful, intense strains like Chocolate Kevorkian and Dante's Inferno — a strain one could argue he has already perfected. Information about terpenes, seed providers, genetics and growing conditions are almost always shared, and each post makes us eager for 4:20 to get here, already. If you want to learn or just be inspired by beautiful buds, follow Dave — he won't let you down.
Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up Creations founder Phil Guerin dropped out of Colorado State University and moved into his parents' basement to make clay mushrooms just as the '90s began, and the rest is Denver history. Guerin first opened Myxed Up in 1992 on Colfax Boulevard, and he hasn't left the street since, despite having to move three times for various reasons and opening a second location in Aurora. Now on East Colfax and Ivy Street, Myxed Up Denver is one of the city's largest head shops, embracing hemp, CBD and all things counterculture that have sprouted up in Colorado over the years. Hundreds of glassware, vape and smoking accessory brands are sold at Myxed Up, as well as clothing apparel, herb storage containers, air fresheners, smokeable hemp products and Guerin's signature clay mushrooms.

5800 East Colfax Avenue
1718 South Chambers Road, Aurora

Charlotte's Web has been a leader in the CBD field since the cannabinoid became widely utilized in the mid-2010s, and has been putting its CBD oils, capsules and other products through third-party testing ever since. That work paid off in 2022, when Major League Baseball announced that Charlotte's Web was the official CBD supplier for the MLB. The company's Sport Daily Edge CBD Oil is a full-spectrum oil of hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN that helps daily focus, sleep and exercise recovery when used regularly. You don't need to have a cannon or hit homers to use the Daily Edge, which costs a little over $1.50 per day if purchased on subscriptions — but there's a good chance you'll feel like an all-star soon enough. And because of all those studies and requirements that come with partnering with professional sports, you don't have to worry about failing a drug test.

Colorado Hemp Honey's CBD balms and oils for pets are great, but we're here to advocate on behalf of the honey. In moderate amounts, honey provides the same benefits to dogs and cats as it does for humans, helping to alleviate allergies and inflammation. Add CBD to the mix, and this honey can help your pet sleep and reduce their anxiety, too. Founder Nick French has been keeping bees for fifteen years now, but he's in on the joke. The Colorado Hemp Honey website sells cannabis leaf-shaped lick mats for pets right next to the hemp honey. Simply add a few drops of CBD honey to the marijuana lick mat, and watch your dog become a pothead. Given how delicious honey is, you don't have to worry about convincing them to eat it.

If you're new to cannabis and dispensary shopping, then Reefer Madness is a safe choice. Not only will you find one of the most extensive menus in Denver, with well over 200 recreational and medical strains and dozens of edibles and hash options, but you'll also be able to stick it to decades of prohibitionist propaganda by shopping at a store named after an infamous (and hilariously bad) anti-marijuana movie from 1936. The only madness you'll suffer here is from the ridiculous amount of options, but not to worry: Reefer Madness won't rush you, and the budtenders are patient with questions.

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Medical marijuana patients have been getting screwed by lawmakers and lobbyists for almost a decade now, but at least they still have Allgreens. The medical-only dispensary in south Denver sells $6 grams of shatter, as well as rosin capable of standing up to the other hash lords of Colorado, but at a much lower price. Even Allgreens' private reserve costs less than $30 per gram, and the in-house full-melt live heads and 4-gram buckets of rosin are the most affordably priced fire in town. You might find something cheaper or a brand with more hype, but nothing beats the value of Allgreens extractions.

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