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It's always nice to see a hometown hero make a name for himself on the national scene, and that's exactly what Cherry co-founder Jason MacLean is trying to do with his new seed project, Coool Beans. Cherry's reputation at the top of the cannabis cultivation chain has been solidified for a few years now, with the company recently expanding into rosin, pre-rolls and edibles, but nothing lights up MacLean's face like seed talk. In a short span, Coool Beans has released over forty genetics for home growers to buy online, including several popular Cherry strains, such as Dankarooz, NY Mayhem and Sprinklez, sold at dispensaries. Coool Beans is here to move cannabis genetics forward, according to MacLean, and that means chasing new and inventive creations that most breeders aren't producing. Colorado deserves more respect in the cannabis breeding world: Maybe the Coool kids on the block can get us there.

Wyld has figured out how to stand out in the world of weed gummies, a very impressive feat when you think about how many of them there are. We could visit the same dispensary for two weeks and buy a new brand of THC or CBD gummies every time, or simply stick with Wyld and be happy all the time. Each of the brand's ten flavors are sweet, scrumptious and offer taste devoid of any distillate or hash oil, with our favorites being the strawberry, pear and elderberry, all of which contain different CBD, CBG, CBN and THC combos. Wyld also now makes sour gummies, offering cherry and green-apple varieties at the moment, and just came out with a new line of rosin-infused gummies, Good Tide. Whichever batch of Wylds you end up with, the flavor meter will always be at ten.

Getting a taste of everything is nice, but squeezing cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN — all of which can have sedative effects — into one edible will knock most people out cold unless handled properly. Despite the cheeky name, Canyon Suck-Its are every bit as gentle as they are effective. Each Suck-It comes with 2.5 milligrams of various cannabinoids, but our favorite is the pink lemonade flavor. At 2.5 milligrams of CBD, 2.5 milligrams of CBN, 2.5 milligrams of THC and less than 1 gram of sugar per piece (with forty pieces per pack), these lozenges hit the bull's-eye if you use edibles to help you fall asleep but don't like getting too baked or feeling groggy the next morning.

Yes, that Fireball. The popular brand of cinnamon-flavored whiskey released a line of THC gummies in 2019 and quietly began selling them in Colorado last year. These weed gummies will raise your friends' eyebrows without singeing them off, but that cinnamon flavor is still strong enough to cover the hash or grassy aftertaste some distillate edibles have. Fireball's gummies are affordable, don't take long to kick in, and have the same tongue-pinching spiciness that we've come to expect from Fireball whiskey — which, not surprisingly, tastes better as candy.

If you're a daily or regular edibles user, then listen to the wise words of Wu-Tang Financial: You need to diversify. Most of Smokiez edibles products can be found on the gummy shelf, but the brand's infused agave syrup, available in natural, chocolate, maple and vanilla flavors and various combinations of THC, CBD and CBG, allows you to ingest cannabinoids the way you want to. Morning tea or coffee, baked goods, candied bacon, lemonade, cocktails — whatever you're in the mood for, this can sweeten it, but with a glycemic index at 40 percent lower than refined sugar. That way, even diabetics can join the fun, according to Smokiez.

Dialed In Gummies started the whole rosin edibles wave in Colorado, so it's no shocker that the company continues to redefine what can be made with the solventless extract. Dozens of followers began infusing their gummies and chocolate bars with rosin after seeing Dialed In's success, so the Denver-based producer stayed ahead by releasing its new line, Liquid Gummies, which have been coating our lips since debuting last summer. Like Dialed In's gummies, each batch of these simple syrups is made in collaboration with esteemed growers and extractors such as Lazercat and Soiku Bano and include terpene and cannabinoid information on the package. Mix them with something fizzy, shake up a mocktail or guzzle Liquid Gummies straight, but respect the power of rosin, or your body will cease to function until tomorrow.

Dutch treats are hard to find in Denver bakeries, but they've become staples in dispensaries thanks to CannaPunch's Dutch Girl Stroopwafels. A popular snack in the Netherlands made from two thin disks of baked dough with a sweet filling in the middle, stroopwafels work in the morning placed over a hot cup of coffee, and at night under a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The brand's caramel, chocolate, lemon and strawberry varieties, each infused with 10 milligrams of THC per stroopwafel, are all award-worthy, but the blueberry-inspired Moonberry flavor takes the top spot, thanks to 10 milligrams of CBD, CBG, CBN and THC packed into each treat. Just as tasty as its peers, the Moonberry wafels come with a four-cannabinoid punch made to put you in bed and keep you there. Can confirm.

Colorado cannabis prices have never been lower, but inflation is still cutting into weed budgets across the state. Recognizing the need for something simple and cheap, 1906 released Bump Drops last summer. A big step away from 1906's other products, which contain ingredients such as ashwagandha and caffeine for intended effects like relaxation and energy, Bump Drops are essentially refined THC distillate in pill form, so there are no calories or sugar attached. Bump Drops are made with 2.5 milligrams of THC, a standard amount for microdosing, and are available in packs of two and twenty for less than $2 and $10, respectively. That's one cheap microdose, and an easy bump to keep that edibles high going.

Ever want to feel an edibles high, but without eating or drinking? Ripple's Live Rosin Quicksticks get the job done swiftly, with no witnesses and limited ingestion. Similar to Pixy Stix, Quicksticks are small packets of sugary powder that you place on top of your tongue, but with 10 milligrams of THC that was infused with a fast-absorption formula. Unlike previous renditions of Quicksticks, however, the Live Rosin version is made with solventless extract and cannabis terpenes from Nokhu Labs and carries a little more pop than edibles made with distillate. Low tolerances don't even need to use a full packet, but a few extra Quicksticks go down easily if more is needed. Just rip, pour and swallow; it's on you if anyone catches it.

Cannabis growers are infatuated with strains named after candy, but if you want the realest intersection of candy and cannabis, then look no further than Joyibles. Relatively new to Colorado's edibles scene, Joyibles has come out with back-to-back hits in JoyGum, a unique line of THC-infused chewing gum, and Skittles-inspired Joy Bombs. Both are delicious and don't deviate far from their sugary inspirations, with Joy Bombs even coming in original, sour and tropical flavors reminiscent of the rainbow. Each piece of gum or candy has varying THC and CBD content, so they're easy to microdose — or mow down, if you're looking for a heavier hit. Just be sure to keep count of how many you eat during a movie, or you'll be glued to the chair by the time the end credits roll.

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