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Scott Lentz

For close to fifty years, tipplers have gathered at the Lakeview Lounge on the last day of Daylight Saving Time to toast the sun as it rises over Sloan's Lake shortly after the place opens at 7 a.m. From the well-worn bar, they have a great view of Denver — and just how much Denver is changing. Cranes mark the downtown skyline to the east; development is exploding to the south. We have seen the future, and it's enough to drive us to drink. Fortunately, the Lakeview is there to serve.

Sunday Vinyl

When it comes to hospitality and wine, no one does it better than master sommelier Bobby Stuckey and the team at Frasca Hospitality Group. Inspired by the tradition of European wine bars, Sunday Vinyl offers accessible vino for all, from casual sippers to true aficionados. Sure, you can splurge on pricey bottles here, but you can also enjoy an $8 glass during happy hour; the knowledgeable and friendly staff will help guide you to new flavor profiles without the slightest hint of condescension. As reflected in the name, the chic eatery also has an extensive vinyl collection, along with an impressive sound system; both are best experienced every Wednesday, aka Flight Night, when Sunday Vinyl presents a curated wine list paired with great tunes. The food is a draw in itself, and new chef David Zboray is set to debut an even more expansive and approachable menu this year.

Talnua Distillery/Instagram

Meagan and Patrick Miller were inspired to open what became America's first single pot whiskey distillery, Talnua in Arvada, while on their honeymoon in Ireland. At the distillery's tasting room, spirits are highlighted in a collection of reimagined takes on the classic Old Fashioned, with such options as the Elvis, in which whiskey is infused with plantains and peanut butter that has been fat-washed with bacon; the Wasabi Tsunami, made with wasabi popcorn-infused gin; and the Lemon Espress Old Fashioned, which combines Hunter Bay Moose Drool coffee and lemon oleo.

Courtesy Golden Moon

When Stephen Gould and Karen Knight launched Golden Moon Distillery in early 2008, the husband-and-wife team started small. Fast-forward fifteen years, and the pair has expanded its spirit offerings and added a speakeasy in downtown Golden that works as both a trendy bar and a tasting room for the distillery's vast portfolio. Many of the spirits are made using historical recipes and techniques, thanks to Gould's collection of rare books on distillation and concoctions, some dating back to the 1500s. Taste the dedication by sipping drams of REDUX Absinthe, Amer dit Picon and Ex Gratia Génépi. The lineup of whiskeys is just as delightful, and Golden Moon's gin is one of the best in its category.

The Unfound Door

Daniel and Talia Haykin officially opened Haykin Family Cider, which has a simple tasting room in an industrial part of Aurora, in February 2018. Here, Haykin produces single-variety ciders from apples (many of them grown in Colorado) that are picked, pressed and fermented in season, allowing the distinct flavor of each to shine through. Crisp, clean, complex flavors make Haykin the Champagne of ciders — and it can be found sold in champagne bottles at liquor stores across the region.

Danico Brewing

Nikki Harwood and Dave Lotierzo made lemonade out of lemons, so to speak, when they ran into COVID-related delays in opening their new brewery. The additional planning time allowed them to find their ideal builder, and after a smooth construction process, Danico Brewing opened in late 2022. The pair brought on veteran brewmaster Chris Kennedy, launching Danico with one of the best-tasting lineups for a fledgling brewery in recent memory, with delicious beers like Front Porch Porter and Tookah the Tucker Munich Dunkel. Both are available among the dozen or so rotating brews available in the gleaming taproom, with its groovy mountain-like, turquoise-accented backdrop and comfy back-supported bar stools. Pair these excellent brews with a snack from one of the food trucks that pull up outside.

Cannonball Creek Brewing

Cannonball Creek has long been known for making hop-forward beers, and making them well. But in recent years, the brewery has expanded its menu to focus more on lagers — which, not surprisingly, are very good, too. From Dad Squad pils to Let's Talk About Mex!, you can always find tasty options here. The brewery mixes in a few other interesting styles, from Belgian golden beer to porters and saisons, that will tempt those looking to venture outside the realm of IPAs and lagers. You'll have to go directly to the source for these beers, as Cannonball Creek doesn't distribute cans, and you'll rarely find a keg outside of the taproom. The upside is beer that's always fresh, and the Golden location is prime for pre- or post-outdoor adventures, with a lively crowd and rotating food trucks.

Matt Peck @hopternal

Coloradans are fortunate to have quite a few high-quality producers of specialized beers, from makers of barrel-aged stouts and Belgian, English, German or Czech-style brews to South American and Mexican-focused breweries and, of course, IPA houses. Some of the most dedicated to the craft are Brandon and Lisa Boldt, who have built a real gem at Primitive Beer in Longmont, producing some of the best spontaneously fermented beer in the world. Primitive is also home to one of the best guest beer lists in the state, complementing its more singular focus and giving visitors to the brewery a variety of options.

Goed Zuur made a strong impression on the beer scene when it opened just over five years ago. The sour beer and cheese bar was launched by chef Anthony Lopiccolo and John Fayman. Fayman was already well known for opening Backcountry Pizza & Taphouse in Boulder, but Lopiccolo is getting his time in the spotlight now with a special chef's tasting counter — a three-part series that explores his life through food. Goed Zuur has always been more than a beer bar, though, and projects like the tasting counter really highlight the team's range and risk tolerance. The beer cellar list is also deep and frequently updated, with top-notch selections from around the globe.

Sarah Cowell
Cohesion's dark lager poured in the mlíko way.

Over the years, many American breweries have tried to convey to drinkers the difference between hladinka and mlíko pours, or the importance of foam on beer in general. But Cohesion is the first that truly seems to resonate with customers. And while the beers are on point and authentically accurate — from the local, undermodified malt to the open fermentation, decoction mashing, horizontal lagering, natural carbonation and unfiltered finish served from side pull taps — the quality of service really stands out. How many times have customers initially paused and questioned the healthy amount of foam that comes with these beers? The same number of times that the team here has happily explained that it's traditional in the Czech Republic, as it protects and enhances the flavor.

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