Today: Auction of Pot-Growing Equipment From Closed Gardening Store

Auctions have long been an avenue for car buyers looking for deals, but in Colorado, they're also a cheap way to supply your cannabis cultivation. The recent closure of Denver gardening store One Love Garden Supply was unfortunate for its parent company, Grow Solutions Holdings Inc., but it presents plenty of opportunities for local botanists to supplement their pot grows.

In order to pay off some of the store's debts, Grow Solutions is auctioning off thousands of different gardening products. Most of them are growing nutrients for cannabis, but lighting systems, ventilation equipment and spraying apparatus are also available, as is office equipment such as printers, paper shredders, office chairs, computer monitors and point-of-sale hardware.

The auction is online-only, so you won't have to feel like a scumbag pilfering the remnants of an entrepreneur's dreams of a home-gardening empire. Held by Roller Auctions, it will take place from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, February 21; you can see the stuff and bid here.

According to Roller Auctions CFO Dayton Roller, One Love Garden Supply filled about 10,000 square feet with stuff that could help both private and commercial grows. The value of the equipment and nutrients is around $500,000, he says, and it's all selling today — regardless of price. "Items at the auction will sell well below retail price," he adds.

That should come as good news to people with home grows, too. Coloradans who are at least 21 years old are allowed to grow six personal cannabis plants in their homes (up to twelve if there are multiple adults in the home) for recreational purposes, and medical marijuana patients can have up to sixteen.

You must bid today, but you have until 4:45 p.m. Friday, February 23, to pay for and pick up purchases at Roller and Associates Inc., 7500 York Street. Find a few examples of what's for sale today below.

click to enlarge Sun System Lec 315 Light Emitting Ceramic Reflector. - ROLLER AUCTIONS
Sun System Lec 315 Light Emitting Ceramic Reflector.
Roller Auctions
click to enlarge Platinum Series Cyco Kleanse Purifier. - ROLLER AUCTIONS
Platinum Series Cyco Kleanse Purifier.
Roller Auctions
click to enlarge Phantom II Digital Ballast lights. - ROLLER AUCTIONS
Phantom II Digital Ballast lights.
Roller Auctions