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Dish of the Week: a Tender Belly BLT Pizza at Pizzeria Locale

Mark Antonation
Pizzeria Locale is bakin' with bacon.
Pizzeria Locale and Tender Belly are both Colorado originals that have spread beyond state lines, taking pizza and bacon, respectively, to surrounding regions. But until now, the two companies have not collided Reese's-style for a flavor-packed combo that brings the best of both worlds. But starting Wednesday, February 28, you'll be able to order Tender Belly bacon as a topping at Denver's two Pizzeria Locale locations, 550 Broadway and 3484 West 32nd Avenue.

To help make your decision a little easier, Locale's culinary director, Jordan Wallace, has come up with two bacon-studded specials. On the lighter side, the BLT pizza captures the essence of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, but with a few upgrades. Arugula stands in for lettuce, cherry tomato halves add a burst of flavor, and a drizzle of crème fraîche with cracked black pepper joins the fun once the pizza comes out of the oven. This is a white pizza, so there's mozzarella but no red sauce, keeping each slice light and crisp.

click to enlarge PIzzeria Locale's new barbecue pizza. - MARK ANTONATION
PIzzeria Locale's new barbecue pizza.
Mark Antonation
For heartier appetites, there's a new four-meat combo, with pepperoni, bacon, ham (prosciutto cotto, to be precise) and chicken. The spicy, smoky combo of proteins mingles with Locale's house sauce for a bold and zingy pizza.

If bacon's not really your thing but you're looking for something new, Wallace has also concocted a barbecue chicken pie. Mozzarella, garlic oil, red-chile flakes, green peppers, red onions and chicken are added before the pie is cooked, and then barbecue sauce is zigzagged on once it comes out of oven, adding just the right amount of Kansas City-style sweetness and tang.

Wallace says these three pies are just the beginning of the fun; in April, Pizzeria Locale will launch some brunch combos and mimosa options to add pizza to your list of weekend choices.