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Reader: Denver Restaurant Week Is Amateur Hour for Diners

Danielle Lirette
Denver Restaurant Week ends today, March 4, and while the annual eating orgy gets diners a chance to try places they haven't visited before, some people worry that the event distracts kitchens from the work they should be doing every day. Says Susan: 
I wait all year for Denver Restaurant Week. I take a culinary trip around the city...it's like a foodie vacation.
Responds Joe:
Denver Restaurant Week is my annual reminder to eat at home. It's like amateur hour for diners.
Meanwhile, another diner is worried that the food restaurants are rolling out every day is getting too expensive...and fancy.

When Pizzeria Locale rolled out a special pizza, for example, Michele said:
God damn it, Denver. It's fucking pizza, not mahi mahi in macadamia sauce, for fuck's sake. Great, dude created a salad in a toasted crust (?)

And I still can't get fucking mahi mahi in macadamia sauce. Quit acting like pizza some how joined gourmet ranks. FUCK!
And she wasn't happier about our recent piece on Low Country Kitchen:
Twenty-four dollars for four shrimp and grits? Something that people "from the South" consider damn close to beans and rice for some green foo-foo shit on top? You are you fucking retarded? Oh, wait, it's Denver, my shit-don't-stink dining scene?