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Element Kitchen & Cocktail Goes Dark After Seven Months

Mark Antonation
Element Kitchen & Cocktail is now closed on Broadway.
Element Kitchen & Cocktail had a lofty goal when it opened at 1134 Broadway last August: bring a chef-driven, farm-to-table eatery to a part of downtown known mostly for bars and clubs. To help fit into the neighborhood, Element offered a sports-bar experience and an upstairs club called SneekEazy, which doubled as a collectible-footwear boutique. But serving food proved tougher than expected, and Element closed over the weekend after only seven months in business, despite the fact that its menu was designed by chef John Tesar, known for his Dallas steakhouse, Knife, and his appearances on Top Chef.

Element Hospitality, which also runs several restaurants and clubs in Las Vegas and San Francisco, confirms that although the restaurant is closed, SneekEazy will remain open in the upstairs loft, so you'll still be able to get your kicks on Broadway...whether you're looking for a craft cocktail in a loungy atmosphere or a pair of vintage Air Jordans.

The space occupied by Element, SneekEazy and the Temple Denver nightclub next door were once part of a sprawling complex called City Hall, which hosted DJs, live music and special events. But with the food side of the equation gone, this stretch of Broadway is looking more like its old self.