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Reader: Kratom Saved My Life From a Heroin Addiction

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The debate over kratom's effectiveness continues. After Denver banned the herbal substance, supporters came out in droves to advocate for the plant that some say can ween people off opioids. Others claim that it is an addictive, overhyped substance. And after we published a story in which one user argued that kratom had ruined his life, readers were quick to respond. Says Luke: 
Sucks for him. Kratom saved my life from heroin addiction.
Adds Rachel:
Kratom is a derivative of the coffee plant, its chemical makeup is nowhere near marijuana or any illegal drug... the guy's own account of his "addiction" literally sounds like an average coffee-drinker. Guys, you can be addicted to ANYTHING if you really try. What's next, Westword? You gonna start writing about the "addicted" people who eat cotton balls every day?
Jeffrey argues:
I worked with a guy who would drink Kratom all day. It would give him a little pep for an hour or so, and then he would crash so hard that he would pass out virtually anywhere, including the parking lot. He didn’t have a car.
Broderick notes:
Nice propaganda piece.
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