Thirteen Applicants, Four Spots: Longmont's Dispensary Candidates

Lightshade is applying for its ninth location in metro Denver.
Scott Lentz
Lightshade is applying for its ninth location in metro Denver.
Longmont didn't approve dispensaries within its limits until 2017, but the sharks started circling once city council members jumped in the water. Although there will be only four dispensary licenses issued for the entire town, thirteen businesses have lined up in hopes of being chosen.

The state Marijuana Enforcement Division is still mulling over the applications, according to Longmont Assistant City Manager Shawn Lewis, after which Longmont will choose its favorite four of the candidates that make the cut. That decision is expected sometime during the summer, he says, but the names of the businesses applying for Longmont's pot spots are already public — and you'll probably recognize a few of them if you live in Denver.

Applications from Euflora, Green Tree Medicinals, Lightshade, Medicine Man, Starbuds, Terrapin Care Station and the Green Solution dispensary chains — all of which have multiple locations in the Denver metro area — are up for consideration, as well as bids from Roots Rx, a dispensary chain with spots in Aspen, Leadville and four other mountain-town locations. Not all of Longmont's candidates have such established roots, however. Here's the list of Longmont's thirteen dispensary hopefuls, and the addresses where they would like to open.

Note: The handful of dispensaries already operating just outside of Longmont's city limits in unincorporated Boulder County aren't included.

Green Tree Medicinals (Ancient Alternatives LLC)
12626 North 107 Street, Longmont

Green Cross of Longmont (Anaport Enterprises LLC)
165 Primrose Court, Unit B, Longmont

Euflora's Southlands location in Aurora. - SCOTT LENTZ
Euflora's Southlands location in Aurora.
Scott Lentz
Euflora (CO & RO Partners LLC )
250 South Main Street, Longmont

Herbal Wellness (Herbal Wellness LLC)
1428 East Third Avenue, Longmont

Lightshade (Lightshade Labs LLC)
1533 Main Street, Longmont

Medicine Man (Medicine Man Longmont LLC)
500 East Rogers Road, Longmont
click to enlarge Options Medical's Wheat Ridge location. - SCOTT LENTZ
Options Medical's Wheat Ridge location.
Scott Lentz

Options Medical (Options Medical Center WR LLC)
455 Weaver Park Road, Unit 100, Longmont

12000 Rogers Road, Longmont

Starbuds (Brothers for Life LLC)
1600 Hover Street, Unit B2, Longmont

Terrapin Care Station (Chimera Strategies)
650 20th Avenue, Longmont

click to enlarge The Green Room's location in Boulder. - SCOTT LENTZ
The Green Room's location in Boulder.
Scott Lentz
The Green Room (Boulder Alternative Care LLC)
1600 Hover Street, #C-1, Longmont

The Green Solution (The Green Solution LLC)
206 South Main Street, Longmont

Twin Peaks Dispensary (Yuma Way LLC)
900 South Hover Street, Unit A, Longmont