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Reader: Teachers Do Awesome Things and I Hope Money Becomes Available

One of the protesters at a teacher demonstration at the Colorado State Capitol on April 26.
Justin Karr
One of the protesters at a teacher demonstration at the Colorado State Capitol on April 26.
Colorado educators joined thousands of teachers across the country in protests this week, calling for better pay and more funding for education as a whole. Dressed in red in solidarity with teachers in Arizona, thousands of teachers from Colorado descended upon the Capitol on Thursday and Friday, demanding change.

Readers on Facebook had mixed reactions to the walkouts.  Says Hannah:

Let me summarize: PEOPLE need money to survive. TEACHERS are people. "Education needs more money" is meant to provoke a knee-jerk reaction. Teachers literally do need more money. Why? Let's count the ways... To those who say "let them starve! let them be unhoused! Let them teach our kids without any accompanying learning devices," I say... You do realize that Education is the foundation of a just & good society, correct? Shall we keep falling behind in the ranking of countries? Shall we all live like cavemen? Shall we all become Nazis?
Argues Andrea:

What happened to ethics and integrity? So it's okay to lie as long as it serves your agenda? What does this teach the students? How does this uphold a doctor's Hippocratic oath? Let the truth be what guides you as history shows how others have suffered far worse consequences to maintain the validity of their cause. It should always be about doing what is right, not easy.
Explains Michael:

I'm with the teachers. They do awesome things and I hope the money becomes available. But protesting comes with consequences. You have to decide what's more important. You can't expect another person to cover your ass by putting theirs on the line.
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