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Reader: Anyone Who Can Add and Multiply Knows PERA Isn't and Can't Be Sustainable

Heather Fairchild
One of the most important — and controversial — bills to come out of the 2018 session will reform PERA, the Public Employees Retirement Association, which supports public-sector retirees in Colorado. As David Sirota has pointed out in a series of articles for Westword, PERA is fraught with problems, including large payouts to Wall Street.

Readers have their own take on the system. Says Chris:
Anyone that can add and multiply knows PERA isn't and can't be sustainable.
Michael explains:
Maybe it would be if the legislature had funded it as it was supposed to, and much of the money wasn't going to hedge funds. 
Chris asks:
So all of us are supposed to contribute to YOUR retirement? Even fully funded it will still collapse under the weight of future retirees.
Dustin argues:
I don't mind paying public servants to retire. That's how countries work.
And Kyle concludes:
Good. Get a real job and save for your retirement don't suck on the teat of the taxpayer your whole life.

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