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Saturday Night Live Takes Frisco Moose Story in Nasty Direction

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-host Michael Che takes a different angle on the Frisco moose encounter.
NBC via YouTube
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-host Michael Che takes a different angle on the Frisco moose encounter.
During the Weekend Update segment from the May 12 episode of Saturday Night Live, a recent incident in Frisco involving a man and a moose went in a nasty direction.

Yes, sex was involved — but with a Harvey Weinstein-style twist.

The bit, on view below, was inspired by a report about a man who allegedly chased a moose through part of downtown Frisco. A bystander eventually snapped a photo of the pair together — on the median of nearby Highway 9.

Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che took it from there.

"Officials in Colorado are searching for a man who was reportedly harassing a moose by chasing it down the street," Che noted. "Said the man, 'I like my girls thick!'"

Not bad — but not as funny as the array of dirty jokes inspired by a 2013 photo of a moose mounting a moose statue in Grand Lake. Following the SNL excerpt, find the pic in question plus Facebook comments we collected from our previous coverage of this tragic and painful love, many of which are at least as good as the new Weekend Update punchline.

By the way, Che's Frisco-related joke gets under way just past the video's 1:20 minute mark.

Facebook posts about the moose statue incident:

You find the love of your life and she's just not interested

What a smart moose! Standing on that statue to see over the fence! Wait, what?....oh.....nevermind.

Lookin for love in all the wrong places!!

Silence is not consent.....

Aww poor guy hopefully he figures it out and heads back into the woods to find him a real babe!

What'a this world coming to. All this anonymoose sex and everything.

Poor thing. He's gonna be disappointed. ha

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9News file photo
He's like why does she ignore me!! What's wrong with her!!

The statue is male as well

Doesnt matter had sex!

That statue is gonna need some therapy.

Survival of the fittest...obviously not this moose....or could it be the moose version of a blow up doll?

He looks a little....horny

Gives new meaning to those song lyrics..."She's cold as ice......."

Best news story in a long time!!!