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Reader: The FBI Obviously Doesn't Give Dance Lessons!

Chase Bishop's booking photo.
Denver Police Department
Chase Bishop's booking photo.
Let's say you're out at your favorite bar trying to have a good time. Then all of a sudden a gun discharges, and a bullet lands right in your leg. That's what happened when FBI agent Chase Bishop was dancing at Mile High Spirits Distillery and did a back flip, causing the gun tucked in the back of his jeans to fall on the ground and then discharge....right into Thomas Reddington.

Last week Bishop turned himself in to police; he's been charged with second-degree assault. But he'd already been charged with several other things, including bad dancing, by national media outlets and our readers, too.

Here's what some had to say:

Sam advises:
Welcome to Denver, where everyone got shot in nightclub or in Uber.
 James wonders:
Who disarms the disarmers? When the people lose their right to carry weapons, innocent people will still be shot by cops and feds while they dance around and blame violence on everything but themselves.
 Craig notes:
Can’t even trust a trained FBI agents to responsibly concealed carry and we should trust regular people who take a class? Somehow I don’t think this is what the 2nd amendment was meant to protect.
 Charles argues:
Had this been any regular person with a gun they would have been arrested at the time of the incident.
 Kevin says:
The FBI obviously doesn't give dance lessons!
And Jennifer concludes:
Can we please stop and talk about the fact this man (the victim) is being represented by FRANK AZAR???
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