Meet a Westword Music Showcase Artist: Def Knock

Hip-hop act Def Knock.
Def Knock
Hip-hop act Def Knock.

Every year, the Westword Music Showcase brings some of the city's best acts to venues throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. To find out more about some of the acts that will be performing at the Showcase on Saturday, June 23, we sent them a questionnaire that includes questions about the local music scene.

Here's what Def Knock had to say>

Westword: What do you want readers to know about your music?

Def Knock: It’s hip-hop, it’s fun, it’s culturally aware/responsible and it’s unapologetic.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

Most of us grew up in Denver, so we’ve experienced a city which is no longer here, for the most part. There was a time when the music, arts and culture were represented by folks who spent years circling each other while we figured out our respective sounds... and mostly from the more low-budget aspects of town. I think you can still hear that in the music.

What are the biggest issues Denver musicians face in 2018 — good and bad?

Dealing with the influx of the newbies. There is a disconnect since it’s all brand-new. For us, personally, it’s trying to figure out how to navigate a scene that doesn’t really feel hip-hop is safe enough to support.

If you could change anything about Denver's music scene, what would it be?


What has you most excited about playing the 2018 Westword Music Showcase?

It’s a chance for us to show that there is still some music out there that can be quality entertainment and still be ready to represent and support the needs of the people. Oh, and safe...we’re so extremely safe.

Def Knock will perform at the Westword Music Showcase at 5:15 p.m. Saturday, June 23, at The Church, 1160 Lincoln Street. Get more information and tickets at