Meet a Westword Music Showcase Artist: Aaron Bordas

Aaron Bordas
Denver DJ Aaron Bordas
Every year, the Westword Music Showcase brings some of the city's best acts to venues throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. To find out more about some of the acts that will be performing at the Showcase on Saturday, June 23, we sent them a questionnaire that includes questions about the local music scene.

Here's what Aaron Bordas had to say:

Westword: What do you want readers to know about your music?

Aaron Bordas: I'm aiming to be different within the realm of house and techno, as it's tough to convey moods and feelings without words. I use melodies and dark tones in my music to get the point across. I try to give people goosebumps and help them to discover new music that they love.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

I was born in Littleton, Colorado, just south of Denver, so I feel like my music is pretty homegrown, although I take my influences from music all over the world. Denver's unique and powerful music scene breeds some of the best producers, DJs, and musicians around, and just keeps the bar so high. Constantly being surrounded by like-minded musicians and producers has been a huge factor in my progression.

What are the biggest issues Denver musicians face in 2018 — good and bad?

One of the biggest challenges for me is getting noticed outside of Denver. There are a lot of DJs and producers here, so there's plenty of competition which, in my eyes, is a great thing. One of the reasons Denver breeds some of the best musicians in the game.

If you could change anything about Denver's music scene, what would it be?

I honestly can't think of too much I'd change about the scene here. It's one of the best in the world. Except more house and techno festivals would be cool. Very uplifting and supportive city to grow in.

What has you most excited about playing the 2018 Westword Music Showcase?

The fact that I get to play for a more eclectic crowd and possibly change their minds one way or another about house and techno.

Aaron Bordas will perform at the Westword Music Showcase at 3:25 p.m. Saturday, June 23, at Club Vinyl, 1082 Broadway. Get more information and tickets at