Ask a Stoner: How to Consume RSO and FECO Oils

Dear Stoner: How should Rick Simpson Oil be consumed? I've been thinking about getting it for my mother, who has cancer, but I know she wouldn't be good with smoking it.

Dear Jess: You’re in luck. Highly concentrated whole-plant extracts like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and full-extract cannabis oil (FECO) aren’t made to be smoked or vaporized; honestly, it’d be stupid to do so because of how expensive they are. RSO and FECO are generally consumed topically, orally or via suppositories depending on the condition, not through a dab rig.
If used topically on her skin, your mom wouldn’t feel psychoactive effects, as the THC never enters the bloodstream. Using suppositories is more in the middle, as the rectum doesn’t process THC like your lungs and liver do, but that method is usually intended for muscular conditions, severe pain and certain neurological disorders. Consuming orally would undoubtedly get her high, but it could be the most effective way to go, depending on where the cancer is located. Just know that most RSO and FECO regimens call for daily consumption of heavy amounts, and that amount increases over time. Be sure to consult a health-care professional before choosing which method to try.

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