Why Colorado Tokers Love Sour Amnesia

Amnesia is a dish best served sour.
Herbert Fuego
Amnesia is a dish best served sour.
If cannabis has all this medical value, why do strain breeders continue to label it with names that sound like a disease? I don’t know about you, but I'd never want to come down with a case of Sour Amnesia — which sounds a lot like what most grumpy old men go through on a daily basis. And after a few too many puffs of the sativa-dominant hybrid of the same name, I started to feel like confused old fart myself.

A cross of Amnesia and Sour Diesel, Sour Amnesia is a double shot of espresso that also makes you forget how to put on your pants. The two potent sativas create a delicious yet dangerous strain that will give you all the vigor and intelligence of a golden retriever, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, if you know what you're getting into.

Blind, stupid energy usually isn't the effect I desire from cannabis — my sense of direction is bad enough when I'm sober — but it can come in handy when you’re tasked with easy chores and yard work, or simply looking for mindless fun. When a strain has a name like Sour Amnesia and those genetics, it's hard to expect anything other than what you get; it’s when you’re anticipating one high and get something totally different — as happened with last week's Alaskan Ice, the most sedating sativa I've ever smoked — that you can become irked.

Sour Amnesia is much more popular in Canada than it is in Colorado at the moment, but it's on the rise in Denver. Good Chemistry, Green Sativa, Herbs4You, the Joint, Nature's Kiss, the Pineapple Exchange and the Stone Dispensary have all carried the strain in flower or concentrate form, and that list should keep growing.

Looks: Although typically tall and slender, Sour Amnesia's buds can also be oblong and bulky, with surprisingly dense calyxes for a sativa. The strain's lime-green color and peach pistils give it a classic Diesel look, as do its dark-green leaves.

Smell: My favorite characteristic of Sour Amnesia is its sweet blend of Diesel and earthy aromas. While the Diesel's tart, rubbery grapefruit notes dominate, a lovely combination of soil, sweet syrup and a Haze-like zest pop through your nostrils, making sure you know this strain is all energy.

Flavor: Much like its aroma, Sour Amnesia's taste carries strong sour flavors with a rubbery tang. Spicy, earthy notes tend to push out the sweetness found in the smell, but some cuts carry more of it than others.

Effects: Energy, and lots of it. Sour Amnesia starts with a euphoric blast to the head, making just about anything seem fun, but that can lead to easy distractions. That lack of focus can also turn into grogginess during the high's comedown, which often leads to users smoking more, so toker beware. Medical benefits include treating stress, chronic pain, both insomnia and exhaustion, headaches and more.

Home grower's take: “Didn't even know it existed five years ago, but I've seen it popping up more and more. Very social, upbeat strain that is probably good for the outdoors or trendy patio drinking, so of course Colorado folks like it. I hear it gets really tall in the grow, so be prepared to trim and nurture during the blooming stage. It has a really sweet-and-sour smell, which most of us love, so you almost want to spend more time in the grow than usual. That's when you know you have something good.”

Commercial grower's take: “I don't blame you for being intimidated — honestly, you probably should be. It's super-fucking potent and is sort of a one-trick pony in terms of sativa or indica effects. Look at it as an energizer, a really strong one, and you should be okay. Also should be a good strain for Colorado growers, because it likes a dry climate — but it also likes to stretch, so think of that before trying it in your basement.”

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