Ask a Stoner: Can I Give Weed to People on the Street?

Dear Stoner: Can I give away weed to people on the street for free? And, yes, I mean FOR FREE.
Weed Rich

Dear Mr. Rich: How kind of you to share the wealth! Whether it’s mid- or high-grade marijuana, I commend the generosity — as long as no mold, mites or other infection are plaguing your free weed.

Although cannabis is regulated on a much harsher level than alcohol, in Colorado it is legal to give it to another adult, and you can do so on the street, in a house, with a mouse, here, there and (almost) everywhere. But some stipulations are attached.

click to enlarge You'd be a lot cooler if you did. - KENZIE BRUCE
You'd be a lot cooler if you did.
Kenzie Bruce
First and foremost, any person upon whom you bestow your buds must be at least 21. Said buds must also be transferred in a sealed, childproof container, so giving away a single joint, baggie or Mason jar of weed in public would be technically illegal. Make sure that the “free” part you mention really is free, too, because things will get dark and hairy with the police if you try mentioning cash donations. And while I doubt any streets you frequent fall on federal land or military bases, avoid those spots during your charity efforts: Weed is banned there.

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