Alt-Right GOP Hopeful David Reid Ross Drops Out After Racist Blog Exposed

A photo of David Reid Ross from his LinkedIn page.
A photo of David Reid Ross from his LinkedIn page.
David Reid Ross became the official Republican nominee for state representative in House District 12 after winning the primary in June. But after Westword revealed racist and homophobic content from Ross's personal blog, The House of David, Ross has dropped out of the contest amid efforts by the Colorado Republican Party to distance the organization from him. That left Ross with intestinal distress.

In one of two posts written about the situation and reproduced below in their entirety, Ross reveals, "Frankly, right now I am suffering from a mild case of diarrhea (I know, tmi) and a severe case of lack of sleep."

Ross's blog has material dating back to the year 2000, and it contains plenty of noxious takes published over that span. Here are some of his musings about race, as shared on the site and in other online conversations under the pseudonym Zimriel:
"If blacks wish to be perceived better than white racists perceive them, they can start by not proving them right."

"'Be aware of your surroundings' is code. It means 'watch out for young black people' and, also unspoken, steer clear of them."

"I lived in Houston for a long, long time. I witnessed many crime waves in that time. I also could not help but notice which demographics committed these crimes. For awhile, I could make believe that it was under control. Then came Katrina and the effects of the 'sanctuary city' policy. In Houston, I had a lot less to fear from a white hooligan wannabe-thug riot than from a pack of feral 'youths' who do this for a living. I expect this is true of most cities in the US."

"The outrages of 1865 and 1866, at least along the Gulf Coast, proved that enough blacks were ignorant or wicked that white civilians could not trust them with power over them."

"The US was 85 percent white up to the 1960 census. In 1965 the Congress passed the Hart-Celler act. So, yes, there was a deliberate program to 'diversify' this nation — to pull down the white share in it. I have also not seen anyone on the Left say what proportion of whites would be TOO low. Yes — they want to wipe us out. And it’s time more of us started pointing that out."

"I will not be allowing — say — Martin Luther King's hate-speech against my race to be forgotten."

"MLK marched to keep whites in subservience to blacks for eternity. He thought that whites were eternally damned from birth for what their ancestors did. Source: 1965 Playboy interview."
An undated photo of David Reid Ross posing alongside President Donald Trump, as seen on a candidate guide published by the Boulder County Republicans. - BOCOGOP.ORG
An undated photo of David Reid Ross posing alongside President Donald Trump, as seen on a candidate guide published by the Boulder County Republicans.
He's also called homosexuality "a disease," announced that he'd be fine with an "Austrofascist" regime "as long as it maintained property rights for the law-abiding and could protect itself from threats at home and abroad," and said the nightmare scenario depicted in the Netflix series The Handmaid's Tale "might be a utopia" if it was run by Vice President Mike Pence.

Such rhetoric didn't thrill Colorado Republican Party communications director Daniel Cole, who told us the state GOP was unaware of this material prior to learning about it from Westword. He called Ross's rhetoric "reprehensible and not representative of the Republican Party or the Republican platform."

Cole added that the party hoped Ross would "withdraw, give all donors their money back, and stop wasting everybody's time," but suggested further action might not be necessary since House District 12 "isn't a very competitive district. If it were competitive, I think we'd be having another conversation about how to go about getting him out of the race."

According to "Lacuna," the first of the posts pertaining to fallout from the state GOP's reaction, Cole — who divulged during his interview with Westword that he'd spoken with Ross after our outreach — didn't stop there. "I've been asked to, er, not blog for a bit," he wrote. "The State GOP has issued a statement condemning this material (excepting maybe about Shah Khusro II Aparwez, because screw that guy), which it sees as its duty as a political faction."

Corresponding by email, Cole tells us that the only statement  issued by the Colorado Republican Party in regard to Ross were the comments published in this space. In the meantime, here's the rest of "Lacuna:"
First off, the President and I do not have each other on speed-dial. My (late) endorsement of his campaign in 2016 does not constitute his endorsement of mine in 2018. And if he had a blog it would probably not look much like this one.

As far as rhetorical gimmicks go: if I say I oppose ideology X, this does not mean I "hate" those who accept X. If I disapprove the hierarchy of religion Y, it does not mean I "hate" the Y-Believers. Take, to carry on an earlier thought, the Zoroastrians of the Khusros' day. Just because I had a problem with their God-In-This-World cosmos (as Hintze described it) and thought those two shahs did a lot of damage, doesn't entail anything about what I think of modern day "Parsee" Zoroastrians — or even of the proto-Parsees back then. It means I wish the best for the believers and hope they abandon such aspects of X/Y as I diagnose as bad. As it happens, Zoroastrianism has reformed and the Parsees have been living in harmony with their London and Gujarat neighbors for centuries. Mind you, the Zoroastrians had lost and/or abandoned some of their own Scriptures by then....

The posts about the black community here are, yeah, less defensible. (Verging on indefensible.) Ultimately this goes to my core belief about democracy, which is that it doesn't work, at least not on the spending and regulation side. You'll note that even here where we have Taxpayer Rights — a form of direct democracy for the revenue side — we are still not Athenaean overall. Right now, I cannot vote on policy. Neither can Lewis. Nor can Stets. Only Foote can. Since we've conceded the point that the franchise is funneled, it doesn't seem that much of a stretch to argue it should be restricted. At least to people who know what they're doing.

Picking on the black community for the narrow means of making a point about overall self-destructive voting patterns is a simplistic go-to for racists (actual racists, not Twitter "racists") and I am sorry that I have to own that, but I'll own that. I have a background in Houston listening to the gang wars and shootings outside my window 2005-2006, including at least one murder. (Recall that I was sympathetic to the evacuees before all that. Still am, actually.) Again, I intend this as an explanation and not as an excuse.

I don't know if this post makes it all better. Or worse. If worse, the GOP may or may not exercise the option to kick my name off the ballot. Yeah, I'm putting this out there — if the party and the candidate are publicly trading barbs, as is happening now, it seems weird to have the candidate and party associated in November. That will have to be a decision.

Mostly I apologize to the other candidates who have taken their own races more seriously than clearly I have taken mine.
Shortly after noting that he'd been asked to put his blogging on hold, Ross returned to his keyboard and pounded out a new item under the heading, "I Couldn't Say 'I Am Not a Racist.'" It reads:
My resignation-letter is in process. I don't know if the Colorado GOP can actually erase my name from the ballot at this stage, but they are going to try.

I'd made a distinction...between "Twitter racists" and actual racists. Twitter racists are people talking trash on Twitter, who don't mean it; or people merely accused of this sentiment, who aren't racist at all — like my fellow (somewhat) Algerian American, the honorable Not-Senator Macaca Allen from Virginia. I didn't ever call someone a macaque. For the record. But.

I got too much of a genetic-commentary paper trail, including one tonight (all involving white people, BUT HEY) to shake the disease. Even if I torched this blog, the Enemies Of The People would dig up my comments elsewhere.

As to whether I'm actually a hater, frankly, right now I am suffering from a mild case of diarrhea (I know, tmi) and a severe case of lack of sleep. So I can't tell you right now. Mainly I am disliking myself for putting everyone through this. I hear that prayer helps.
Late yesterday afternoon, Ross confirmed to the Denver Post that he'd filed paperwork to withdraw from the race.

By the way, Ross, communicating via email, previously declined to answer our questions because "I do not talk with enemies of the people." Presumably, President Donald Trump, seen here happily posing alongside Ross in an undated photograph, would heartily agree with this characterization.

One more thing: Ross confirms that his "stomach problems have abated" in a new post — one of several published in the past day, including a remembrance of the late Burt Reynolds. We're assuming the Colorado Republican Party doesn't have a problem with that — particularly since his candidacy is now a thing of the past.

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include news that David Reid Ross has started the process of leaving the House District 12 race.