Invasion of the Millennials: Where They're Moving in Denver and Beyond

If you've been thinking Denver has seen an incredible influx of millennials in recent years, you're absolutely right. A new study shows how many of them have come to Colorado and where they're moving in Denver and other major cities.

The report, from RENTCafe, sets out to discover the zip codes that are millennial strongholds in the thirty biggest U.S. cities. But at our request, the folks at the site dug deeper into the data beyond the ten Denver and Front Range zips cited in their main offering, providing a wide range of facts and figures about thirty zip codes along the urban corridor. This additional information pinpoints where millennials have been flocking in recent years — and it turns out that Westword is at ground zero of the phenomenon.

The zip code for our Golden Triangle offices, 80203, has the sixth-largest share of millennials in the United States. A stunning 66 percent of the 20,515 people who live in the area fall within the 22- to 37-year age range the site uses in its definition of millennials.

The RENTCafe figures show the overall and millennial population of each zip code in 2011 and 2016 (the most recent year available), as well as the number and percentage increase of millennials over that five-year span. And the percentages went up in all thirty of the zips, from between 7 percent and 26 percent.

Cumulatively, the number of millennials in those thirty zip codes rose by 57,862 during that half a decade, resulting in an overall millennial population of 379,956.

The Colorado zip codes with the most millennials by numbers are 80525, in a burgeoning portion of Fort Collins, with 17,615 people who fall into that category; 80916, not far from the Colorado Springs airport, with 14,970; 80205, which encompasses Denver's Whittier neighborhood, with 14,948; 80231, a Denver zip in the vicinity of the Indian Creek neighborhood, with 13,958; and 80211, a chunk of Denver's Highland neighborhood, with 13,560.

The biggest change in millennial population from 2011-2016? The winner is the aforementioned 80205, with 4,875 more millennials moving in, followed by Aurora's 80016, at 3,482; Green Valley Ranch-centric 80249, with 3,449, and the previously noted Golden Triangle zip 80203, with 3,062. And after 80203's 66 percent millennial population, the highest finishers are 80202, a lower downtown zip, at 57 percent; 80218, around the Country Club neighborhood, at 52 percent; and 80205, at 46 percent.

Oh, yeah: Seven of the ten most millennial-heavy zips in Colorado are in Denver — and four Mile High City zips (80206, 80209, 80224 and 80237) are among the twenty fastest-growing in the country when it comes to millennials.

That's a lot of hipsters. Continue to count down the thirty Colorado zip codes with the greatest growth in the share of millennials.