Fifteen Musicians Using Legal Weed to Brand Themselves

Aaron Thackeray
Denver rapper Trev Rich partnered with Native Roots to create his own strain in 2017.
Many musicians like to smoke weed for creativity or just for fun, so it’s fitting that some of them are investing in their own cannabis companies or partnering with established brands to cash in on their fame. Some musicians, such as Snoop Dogg or Melissa Etheridge, have become pot activists simply by refusing to leave the plant at home when they travel, be it for medical reasons or self-expression

To get a grip on how many musicians are jumping into legal marijuana, here's a list of fifteen rappers, singers, guitar twangers and other musical acts with their own cannabis brands.

Snoop Dogg
Perhaps the biggest figure in the weed game is Snoop Dogg. Partnering with LivWell in 2015 to create his Leafs by Snoop line of flower, concentrates and edibles exclusively for Colorado, he’s considered an OG in the Kush market and one of the first high-profile artists to hit the recreational scene. These days he’s investing in Canadian software programs that will provide management tools for cannabis companies. Snoop even has his own cannabis media company, Merry Jane.

The Marley Family
To keep Bob Marley's legacy alive, the Marley family started Marley Natural in 2016. Inspired by the singer’s favorite strains, the company's salves, flower and oils can are available in Washington and California dispensaries. And don't forget about his son, Damian, who has Damian Marley's Stony Hill, a dispensary in Denver.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is part and parcel of Colorado’s cannabis culture, now partnering with Green Dot Labs to release exclusive hash pens such as the Gobnugget live resin pen. Now fans can get a customized strain from the band that will match their electrifying music.

Willie Nelson
An early musician to vocally support the cannabis movement, this country singer has been creating his own strains and inspiring others for some time, like Red Headed Stranger. Nelson’s wholesale cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve Label, is known for promoting social reform in hopes of ending marijuana and hemp prohibitions; he also partners with local Colorado growers, extractors and edibles makers for his wholesale brand.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa's partnership with Colorado based RiverRock Wellness cannabis allowed the rapper’s Khalifa Kush to hit dispensary shelves in Colorado back in 2016. He’s also the creator of the app Weed Farm, which launched in 2017. Users of the app can play at creating their own cannabis brands.

Trev Rich
National acts aren't the only artists capitalizing on their weed fame. Denver's own Trev Rich, born and raised in the Mile High, partnered with The Dab by Next Harvest to release HD OG, an indica-leaning hybrid that'll help users connect with his deeper, more lyrical songs.

Big Gigantic
Colorado’s largest dispensary chain, Native Roots, worked with the duo on the release of their strain Cookies and Dream, a sativa-leaning hybrid meant to pair with their album back in 2016. The group even handed out joints to attendees of the X Games a few years back.