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Reader: I Can't Wait for Grandoozy to Come Back

Michel Emery Hecker
It was a great summer for concerts, but the event that overshadowed all was Grandoozy, a grand festival scheduled for September 14 through September 16 at Overland Park Golf Course. Would the area be jammed with traffic? Would tickets sell? Would neighbors survive? Above all, did Denver need another festival?

From all indications, all the answers were affirmative, and Grandoozy lived up to its name, with a grand array of music. While Stevie Wonder might have been the big final act, Snow tha Product stole the show, according to those who caught her act on September 15, when she swigged vodka...and complained about the prices. “My fans can’t afford a ticket to Grandoozy,” she said. But before she (finally) left the stage, she had plenty of new fans.

Says Mark: 
Grandoozy was worth every penny. Just seeing Snow Tha Product was worth the price of admission. And Stevie Wonder!
Adds Shane: 
I mean, they don't make as much money selling records. Plus city fees. Using the property. Paying everyone. Which has to be at least ten dollars on hour. Plus paying the musicians. I'm just saying. Shit starts adding up.
Comments Jess:
 Favorite show at Grandoozy! I had never heard her before, she killed it.
Concludes Felix: 
Thanks for giving this bad ass Mexicana artist the props she deserves!
Then there's this from Robert:
Music festival for millennial suckers. No offense. I hear they have a musician there named Stevie Wonder.
But Joe concludes: 
I was a doubter, but now I can't wait for Grandoozy to come back. Please tell me it will!
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