Ask a Stoner: Should I Tell My Landlord I Smoke Weed?

Dear Stoner: I’ve been looking for a new place, but landlords keep saying, “No smoking.” I think they’re just talking about tobacco, though. Should I tell them I smoke pot when they ask if I’m a smoker?

Dear Tumbleweed: When landlords or homeowners say no smoking, they mean cannabis, too. Pretty lame, but it’s their right, and smoking isn’t exactly great for a home’s interior. That being said, I’ve smoked pot at every place I’ve lived, house or apartment, whether I was supposed to or not — but I never told my landlord about it. Would they appreciate the honesty? Probably. Would they kick me out or fine me for breaking the terms of the lease? You bet your high ass they would.

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Jacqueline Collins
I suggest just lying low and saying whatever they want to hear — sort of like at a job interview. Cannabis smoke doesn’t linger like tobacco, and unless you’re chiefing all day, the smell shouldn’t stick very long. If you want to avoid all these headaches, then just buy an electric vaporizer. While it’s technically not smoking, a desktop vape can pull out some heavy hits.

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