Wibby Brewing Welcomes Vegan Food Trucks

The Vegetable Express is one of several vegan food trucks that hits Wibby's rally.
Courtesy the Vegetable Express
The Vegetable Express is one of several vegan food trucks that hits Wibby's rally.
Wibby Brewing had a huge turnout for its first vegan food-truck rally in August, so the Longmont brewery plans to host more, with the next meat-free event happening this Thursday, October 18. The first event saw crowds of people noshing on meat- and dairy-free options from a variety of food trucks. “It was a completely electric night, with lots of people even wearing their vegan pride gear,” says Katie de la Rosa, assistant taproom manager and "Food Truck 'Source'rer."

“I had the Lion's Mane roll from the Vegetable Express, and it was fantastic,” she notes.

The rally was organized by Longmont company MoreGreenThings to raise money for the Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. The Vegetable Express, SOS Catering, Wanderlust, The Silver Seed, Best One Yet, and NiceCream Sammie’s were in attendance for the inaugural rally. The Vegetable Express, SOS Catering, Mu Denver and Best One Yet will serve plant-based foods at this Thursday's outing.

The rally will also align with a special beer release, Wibby's Double Dunkel. Best One Yet is teaming up with the brewery to serve vegan ice-cream floats with the beer and dairy-free vanilla-bean ice cream. The annual release will include rum-, whiskey- and bourbon-barrel-aged variations on tap and available to-go in growlers. The other food trucks have also offered suggestions for beer pairings.

Mu Denver's chef says dry beers like Wibby’s Maibock lager brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops goes best with his ramen, which he will be showcasing. SOS Catering is making a barbecue sauce with Wibby’s GABF medal-winning Moondoor Dunkel to add to its barbecue jackfruit sliders. The Vegetable Express suggests matching the Lightshine Radler with its Lion's Mane roll, which uses mushrooms in a meatless version of a lobster roll.

All of the beers at Wibby Brewing are vegan, since no animal products are used to clarify the beers (which is not uncommon in the brewing world). “At Wibby Brewing we use our horizontal lagering tanks to naturally clarify our products, as the yeast flocculates without intervention, rendering nice, clean, clear beer,” says brewmaster/president Ryan Wibby.

The event takes place at Wibby Brewing, 209 Emery Street in Longmont, from 4 to 9 p.m. Local band Cat Jerky will play live music from 6 to 9 p.m. There will also be a silent auction to benefit the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Call 303-776-4594 or check Wibby's Facebook page for upcoming vegan events.