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Reader: Smothering Breakfast Burritos Is Definitely a Colorado Thing

Mark Antonation

Was it good for you? Denver celebrated its second annual Breakfast Burrito Day on October 13, honoring what could be this city's most popular dish, particularly when it's covered by green chile. To mark the day, we shared our list of the ten best handheld burritos in Denver, which inspired many more contributions from readers.

What about Santiago's #1? Jalapeños? Burrito Giant? Big Mama's?

Says Joe: 
Chubby's is the best, period.
Adds Jonathan:
Sorry you didn't include the lady that sells burritos for $3 out a cooler at Civic Center Station, so this list is void.
Then there's this from Ben: 
I just eat McD’s. I don’t care about no authentic bullshit.
Speaking of authentic, readers also have opinions about the whole handheld/smothered issue.