Ask a Stoner: What International Cities Are Marijuana-Friendly?

Dear Stoner: Other than Amsterdam, what are some cool international destinations for stoners? I hate having to illegally score bud on vacation, but Europe might be easier to find weed in than America.
Tracksuit Jimmy

Dear Jimmy: I’m not sure if you left it out because you simply don’t want to go there now that the temperature is dropping, but Canada just started allowing recreational cannabis sales in October. Some cities in that country are even likely to regulate social pot use like tobacco or alcohol. That might make Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal seem a little nicer now, eh?
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Some Canadian cities may regulate cannabis use similar to tobacco.
Jacqueline Collins
If you’re set on Europe, Amsterdam is obviously an easy destination, thanks to its coffee-shop model, but don’t sleep on Barcelona. Spain’s social cannabis club model is mostly ignored by law enforcement, and visitors can purchase and consume there on the spot. Christiania, a commune in Copenhagen, had a cannabis trade that was left unregulated by Danish law enforcement for decades, but crackdowns have started to occur on rare occasions — still, it’s easier to pick up a sack there than in Alabama. Prague, Frankfurt and Rotterdam are other international cities known for their cannabis cultures.

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