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Reader: The Best Flight I Ever Had, I Was Stoned on an Edible

The holiday season is coming up, and Denver International Airport will be mobbed with heading into the state who are eager to try some legal Colorado cannabis, and others who're already wondering the best way to consume cannabis before getting on a crowded airplane and flying out of Colorado. In fact, one reader just asked our Stoner if edibles are a good way to combat the boredom of flying.

Yes, say most readers, but they also point out that edibles can help with other flying horrors, including chatty neighbors, crying babies and tiny seats.

Says Scott: 
I always take an extra large edible for flights. Kinda goes without saying.
Advises Scott Z:
 Why not? I'd make em indica edibles...don't want to start cleaning the cabin, now. Take a backup Xanax if possible in case you get jittery...
Says Gary:  
Takes the edge off of being cramped with people who are annoying you.
Notes Carole: 
I take some on a long flight. It puts me to sleep and I don't have to tolerate the airline a$$holes.
Adds David: 
Yes, otherwise I will jump off the plane because your screaming baby won’t stop on my cheap red eye I expected to sleep on!!!
Responds Tom:
Everyone saying just take a nap is definitely under six feet.
Says Angi: 
Yes!! I’m terrified of flying! The best flight experience I ever had, I was stoned on an edible, and turbulence was actually funl You have to be smart about it, though;don’t try an edible you’ve never had before or go crazy with the dosage.
But then there's this from John:
If you have to ask, then NO. Locked in an aluminum tube with 300 other people for 3 or 4 hours is no place to experiment.
Marie has another suggestion: 
This, and so many other airline issues, can be solved with a pair of headphones.
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