Boulder's Brother Sage on Why You Should Be Drinking Your Own Urine

He calls himself Brother Sage, and while the Boulder resident notes that he's worked as a wellness practitioner for four decades, urine therapy, the subject of the new book Healing Water From Within, has been around for a lot longer.

"Let me go back 5,000 years to let you know about the rich history of people using their own water to heal themselves and gain back their health," he says.

According to Brother Sage, the practice of drinking urine, or applying it topically, to address a wide variety of ills, including diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease, can be traced "to a character in the Hindu tradition known as Shiva, the lord of the universe, and his divine partner, Parvati. The Damar Tantra, scriptures written about Shiva and Parvati, goes through 107 verses to teach you how to use urine every day on a nine-year course to perfect health and longevity, including immortality. That's why the idea of drinking your own water is known as Shivambu."

Believers refer to urine as "'the water of auspiciousness,' because its benefits have been documented and reported in lots of testimonials from people who have healed themselves using their own water," he goes on. "And traditional wellness practitioners of India and Africa and Greece and various countries have been practicing Shivambu for all these years."

click to enlarge The man known as Brother Sage. - FACEBOOK
The man known as Brother Sage.
To understate the obvious, doctors trained in the Western tradition tend to see urine therapy as hooey. But Brother Safe feels otherwise.

"Despite what we've been taught by the medical model, which is that urine is a waste product, it's actually ultra-filtered blood plasma," he maintains. "The kidney has a filtration system known as the nephrons, and what they do is distill the blood down to its smallest particles before cold-storing it in bladders until it's time for you to do something with it — which is to pee. But urine is what I call the most nutrient-dense, mineralized drink on the planet, with properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-candida." He explains, "Candida is a yeast overgrowth in the body that appears in both women and men. And the properties of urine can detoxify the body and draw out this fungus to restore homeostasis, also known as balance and health."

In Healing Water From Within, which boasts the hefty subtitle How the Ancient 5,000-Year-Old Yogic Practice, Shivambu or Urine (Orin) Therapy, Is Bringing Miracles to a Modern World, Brother Sage outlines what he calls "eleven different protocols or treatments people can choose from. The fastest way to get it into your bloodstream or system is by drinking it, the second-best is doing an enema, and it goes from there. However, in order to get the most out of using urine therapy, you need to change your diet, particularly by moving over to living foods and fruits, so that your body doesn't have to be compromised by breaking down high mucous-forming foods, inflammatory foods or things that cause congestion and constipation. With those out of your diet, you have a much better chance of recovering and reclaiming your body."

As a bonus, he says, "people who've changed their diet notice that the urine tastes sweeter, more neutral and more aromatic the more they drink it."

Brother Sage understands that the thought of tippling urine will initially disgust plenty of individuals who he believes would be helped by doing so. "That's why I've written in the book that anyone who's still shy about taking the leap because they haven't gotten over their objections yet can start with a urine foot soak and get the same benefits. The urine will be absorbed through the soles of their feet and be delivered into the bloodstream. It's a good alternative if you're not ready to drink it."

click to enlarge Brother Sage also specializes in reflexology and foot massage. - FACEBOOK
Brother Sage also specializes in reflexology and foot massage.
Other applications include "using an eye cup — filling it up, tilting your head back and soaking your eyes and blinking for thirty seconds to a minute," he goes on. "That helps with many different elements of eye health: cataracts, blurred vision. You can also breath it through your nose using a Neti pot to hydrate the sinuses. And another method is to use it in your ears to enhance ear health. Either get a dropper or pour it in one side, then turn your head and pour it in the other side. And another method that people are getting more and more into is bathing with it or massaging it in using a washcloth, because conditions like blemishes and mosquito bites and warts are addressed by massaging it into the skin. And if you're over forty, try putting it in your hair. When I do that, my hair gets darker and thicker."

After these preliminaries, Brother Sage encourages clients to take the next step: consumption. "For oral challenges, people gargle it or switch it around or leave it in their mouth for five minutes and let the nutrients be absorbed until they swallow it. And some people do what we call looping, which is basically collecting the urine every time they pee and drinking it. That way, you're not only recycling the nutrients, but you're getting the benefits of the stem cells that are produced every time you urinate."

Such practices are becoming increasingly popular, Brother Sage stresses. There are currently over a dozen Facebook groups devoted to urine therapy, he says, and he met plenty of aficionados this past September at the Water of Life Symposium in Las Vegas, including "urine therapists from all over the country." Thanks to the release of the book, he's also appeared on nine radio shows in recent months, and the attention he's garnered has helped him supplement his client list in Boulder with people who connect via Skype from across the country and the globe.

In Brother Sage's view, urine therapy is on the cusp of the mainstream — "but the thing that makes it work for everybody is to get rid of doubt and fear. The people who are what I call Shivambu devotees are daily users, internally and externally. They wouldn't go a day without using it. And some people I've met because of my book and my practice have been doing it for years. More and more, people have come out of the closet to say, 'I've been drinking my pee since the 1970s,' but they never felt comfortable talking about it until now — because it isn't nearly as taboo as it used to be."

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