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Reader: Denver Is a Sanctuary City but Treats Its Homeless Like Garbage

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The strategy might have worked in other states, but not in Colorado. Republicans got word this week that their anti-immigration rhetoric leading up to the midterms might have cost them some elections. The Global Strategy Group poll "surveyed over 600 Colorado voters and showed significantly more support for pro-immigrant rhetoric put forth by Democratic candidates than support for anti-immigrant rhetoric promoted by Republicans," writes Conor McCormick-Cavanagh.

Readers have plenty of opinions about immigration and its effect on the election.

Says Cody:
There was no blue wave, more like a toilet flush. Step out of your damn cities and join the rest of the world.
Whitney explains:
I don't understand why so many in Denver want it to be a sanctuary city, but then turn around and treat our homeless CITIZENS AND VETERANS like garbage (literally throwing their items in dumpsters).
Rick argues:
Westword can't tell the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration? It's utter nonsense that those adjectives are not being used in this "editorial." Sloppy journalism. Subtle hint: Mrs. Trump is a legal immigrant that took the oath of citizenship. Agree with Whitney...Citizens and veterans need to be taken care of first,and Denver should not be a sanctuary city.
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