Ten Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinners and Pies for a Stress-Free Holiday

Gobble, gobble!
Westword Staff
Gobble, gobble!
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and for those too busy to cook or who don't want to make a mess in the kitchen, bakeries and restaurants around town have what you need. That, and each of these spots offers a unique twist on its pie, turkey, ham and appetizers. This includes a full vegan feast, a beer-and-pie pairing, and smoked meats worthy of a carnivore's dreams, to name a few. Make sure you check the order-by dates, and then get your holiday menu ready to go.
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The smoked turkey at BBQ Supply.
Jared Leonard
Smoked Turkey from BBQ Supply Co.
Don't worry about serving an overcooked bird this year; get one that's ready to eat after being maple-bourbon brined and slow-smoked by BBQ Supply Co., at 2180 South Delaware Street. Turkeys are available in three sizes, starting at about 12 pounds and going up to 22 pounds, and cost $70 to $100, depending on size. Order soon (they're available until sold out) by sending an email to [email protected], then pick yours up at the smokehouse (just across the street from the Evans light-rail station) on November 21 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. For those who want more than just turkey, the shop will also be selling large tubs of green beans, stuffing, potatoes and gravy.

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Order the bourbon pecan pie from Safta this Thanksgiving.
Pomegranate Hospitality
Israeli-Style Pies from Safta
Pastry chef Liliana Myers has added an Israeli twist to classic Thanksgiving pies at Safta, inside the Source Hotel at 3330 Brighton Boulevard, and you can take one home or to your friendsgiving outing. Choose from apple spiced with baharat (a Middle Eastern spice blend), heirloom pumpkin or bourbon pecan. Just be sure you order by November 19 to secure your dessert. Even if you don't get one of these stunning pies for Turkey Day, they'll be available throughout the holiday season. Pre-order online on Safta's website. Pies start at $25 each and can be picked up within 48 hours of placing your order, until Wednesday, November 21. For something extra-special, add a $5 half-pint of vanilla whipped cream or pomegranate caramel.

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Smoked Ham from Il Porcellino Salumi.
Il Porcellino Salumi
Smoked Ham from Il Porcellino Salumi
For some families, ham is the meat of choice on Thanksgiving. Skip the grocery store product and go with Il Porcellino's hefty heritage breed hams that have been maple-mustard brined for ten days and smoked over hickory wood. Sizes range from three to six pounds at $16 per pound, and orders must be in by November 14.  Drop off a $20 deposit at the shop at 4324 West 41st Avenue, then pick up the ham, glaze and warming instructions between November 17 and 21. The Berkeley shop also has pasture-raised, heritage-breed turkeys starting at $6 per pound. The two sizes of turkey come fresh (not frozen), and you can add on a juniper-and-herb brine kit for just $10 more. Pick up sherry-herb gravy or a charcuterie platter as well. All are available until they run out, so don't wait. Call the shop at 303-477-3206 if you have any questions.

Roast Turkey and Sides from Hearth & Dram
Why cook when you can just order your whole Thanksgiving meal to go? Hearth & Dram, at 1801 Wewatta Street, is selling a full meal kit complete with a 15- or 25-pound turkey and sides such as baked macaroni and cheese, sausage stuffing and crispy smashed potatoes. The price tag starts at $90, and you can pick up the feast on November 20 or 21 between 8 and 11 a.m. or 3 and 6 p.m. Then simply heat your oven up and pop it all in. Place orders by November 16 by calling 303-623-0979.

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Sample sizes of Denver Beer Co.'s brews.
Linnea Covington
Long I Pie at Denver Beer Co.
When it comes to planning an important food holiday like Thanksgiving, sometimes it's nice to try a few bites out beforehand. That's where the Denver Beer Co. and Long I Pie pairing comes in. The brewing company is hosting pie-tasting sessions on Saturday, November 17, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, November 18, from noon to 5 p.m., at its original taproom at 1695 Platte Street, and at its Arvada location at 5768 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. For $20, you can taste which pie goes best with which beer, then pre-order more for your holiday table. Each ticket, available in advance on the Denver Beer Co. website,  gets you four mini-pies and four beer samples. If you like a combo, order a whole pie and two Crowlers for $40, which you can pick up at the brewery location on Wednesday, November 21, between noon and 5 p.m. Tasting tickets are also available for $25 at the door on the day of each tasting.