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Reader: Trump Could Appoint Someone Worse Than Jeff Sessions

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When Jeff Sessions got the boot from President Donald Trump, few in Colorado's marijuana industry cried for the former attorney general. Sessions has a long history of hating the plant, and the hits kept coming during his short time as AG.

In the ’80s, he'd said that he thought members of the Ku Klux Klan "were okay until I found out they smoked pot." That didn't stop Trump from appointing Sessions to AG in 2017, and although Trump has said he supports states' rights regarding legalized marijuana, in January Sessions retracted a decade of federal policy regarding pot, including the Cole memo. While there have been no visible signs of a crackdown, the industry has been worried about what Sessions might try.

Many are breathing a sigh of relief, like Arrika, who says: 
Sayonara, sucker!
Adds Shane: 
Bought and paid for by big pharma.
Notes Leigh: 
 A true relic of the past. I don't agree with the way it went down, but I will not miss this person that had no idea how to serve a diverse population.
Warns John:
 DT could easily appoint someone worse. I won’t rest until it’s more settled.
Adds Gregg:
 Trump is considering Chris Christie, and he is no fan of marijuana.
Concludes Lucian: 
I personally think this is what Trump meant when he said changes are going to be coming to marijuana soon....
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