Marijuana Sales Fall in September — Winter Dip on the Way?

Colorado marijuana sales traditionally dip from summer to fall.
Jacqueline Collins
Colorado marijuana sales traditionally dip from summer to fall.
Colorado dispensaries sold over $135.5 million worth of marijuana products in September, according to the state Department of Revenue, with the total taking a slight dip from the previous month.

August's record-breaking earnings had set the bar high, and pot sales traditionally begin to drop as summer tourism ends and the weather gets colder. Sales may well have peaked in August at $141.3 million; the numbers had begun rising in June, and July's $138.5 million was a new record, until it was eclipsed just a month later.

September 2018 sales were actually a few hundred thousand dollars lower than in the same month in 2017, DOR numbers show. Still, this year is still on track to surpass last year's sales — but just barely.

Medical marijuana sales continue to struggle, according to DOR data; they haven't reached $30 million since December of last year. In September 2018, medical marijuana transactions accounted for just under $27.9 million, a 21 percent dip from 2017 and a small decrease from the previous month.

Recreational sales continue to be the catalyst of any growth in sales numbers. Although retail transactions fell a little over $5 million from August's high in September, they were more than $7 million higher than the same month last year.